trailblazer build

Hey everybody! getting started on my first mini bike build, it's a trailblazer roller, i just picked up a 3.5hp motor, that's all the bike has, i'm a newbie when it comes to mini's but i thought this would be a coll project for me and my boys(ages 10 and 7). Can anyone help me with gearing(jackshaft), brake system, wheel type, sprocket size and chain, like i said i'm new to this and any info would be appreciated!
Post some pics, lets kick this thread off. I used a jackshaft kit but OldMiniBikes has everything you need, brackets and all. Mine is 18 on the primary and 13 on the secondary with a 12 tooth clutch sprocket and 60 tooth rear. I'm too medicated for math but it's a good ratio for me. You may want to just run the chain to the sprocket and skip the jackshaft. Sure is easier but the gearing is nice to have so I used one. Wheels and tires are a matter of preference, Trailblazers came with 4" to 6" wheels so it really is tough to know and get the exact size unless you know the model or it had correct wheels already so the pics will tell us so we can tell you. 4" steelies to 6" mags were the choices so yours are wide open. Myself, I like tall tires and 6" rims for this frame. I'd do a band or clutch brake, same setup only one stops the clutch and one the wheel. Another preference thing if the bike was a frame and fork like mine and if you don't like the wheels it has you change em. So get some pics up so we know what you're working with, I'm sending you a PM since the thread was my idea. You'll get the E-mail and know the old Outlaw ain't forgot ya.:thumbsup: And I saw the bike in your album, get the picture posted and one of the brake if any so you can get started if you haven't already.
Im with you Ace ! I'd like to see some Trailblazer work being done so I could get some more ideas for mine! Welcome to the forum Rich! Heres the one i'm working on
What's up Outlaw! Thanks for the info on the jackshaft calculator, just looked it up and i can actually understand it. I also have the 60 tooth and it sounds like you have the perfect setup. I'm definitely going with the jackshaft setup. I'm gonna post pic's of the wheels that came with the bike, 4" not sure if they're original or not, but i like the idea of 6" with taller tires, hope i have enough power with the 3.5hp. Just a matter of ordering the parts and getting it put together, i'll keep you posted, thanks bud!