1. CW1999

    WANTED Trailhorse or Trailblazer frame

    Hey all, I'm in search of a General Appliance built (Trailhorse, Trailblazer, etc.) frame, preferably with rear suspension. I bought a frame this week, and while the forks are great, the frame is not so great! Thanks :scooter:
  2. jeep4me

    Trailblazer Original Rear Rack

    Selling an original rear rack from a Trailblazer mini bike. Painted black, doesn't look like it's rusted/pitted at all. Looks like a couple small pieces of tubing were added at some point, but these can be easily removed. Asking $90 shipped. PayPal preferred.
  3. jeep4me

    Trailblazer LTD 1500

    Picked up a nice TrailBlazer yesterday. Has some of the hard to find parts on it too. I just love those front forks with the exterior sebac shocks
  4. Daniel Coop

    Trailblazer project

    Had this bike about a month or two now... Had posted about it originally in the strictly vintage section of the forum under "Need help with sprocket and wheel choices for Trailhorse". But after obtaining the correct Trailhorse mag wheels and sprocket, and having a custom springer front end made...
  5. B

    Looking for trail horse , ward, trailblazer front forks

    Looking for a set of trail horse, trailblazer front forks. Thanks Bryce
  6. D

    Trailblazer front forks

    Hi i need the inside springs and bottom part of forks. Can anybody help me? Need pics of them and how the bottom forks mount into upper forks. Thanks
  7. Biffmini

    TrailHorse / TrailBlazer Swingarm ?l

    I have Trail Horse swing arm frame & I'm having trouble finding the missing swing arm. I'm going to make a trip to my local tubing fab. shop soon & find out what it would take to bend & press a repro. or a close copy... There is not much to them, the steel band pcs. easy to fab. & a simple jig...
  8. apekillman

    general appliance trailblazer

    i picked this up this weekend. thought id offer it up here before i decide to have a go with it. i already have a trailblazer that i like. this one is structurally sound. just surface rust. should clean up real nice.
  9. t555trailblazer

    My latest find Trailblazer

    Looks to be original right down to the dirt and grease. Never had a 2 speed before and looking forward to getting it going. Any information from members?
  10. LSCustoms

    1956 Trailblazer ToteGoat looking thing

    I will ask the seller to send me actual pics and an asking price tomorrow... im not interested in it though, but for a certain price, id prob get it and think of an excuse later, i dont like this style, but if its as complete as the pic (as far as parts) would be cool... to ride around...
  11. T

    Trailblazer Fenders

    Hello, I need some trailblazer fenders. Any info on where I can get new or used ones would be appreciated. Thanks Troy
  12. J

    Setting up a band Brake on a Trailblazer

    Was wondering if anyone has info on setting up a band brake. I have the band brake bracket, the drum and brake band and cable. The brake lever seems to be missing something to attach the cable to and on the other end there are parts missing as well. Does anyone have a drawing of what is...
  13. O

    Trailhorse Trailblazer Bare Frame

    Trailhorse Trailblazer model bare frame. Includes jackshaft mounts. Sandblasted clean. One foot peg tab broken off, but included. No broken welds. I had it on EBay. Lots of lookers, no takers. I figured I'll give it a shot here before relisting it there. $65 plus Shipping Paypal...
  14. Outlaw Ace

    Now the Trailblazer belongs here.

    Got the Predator on the shop floor and will find something for it eventually and have put my $40 briggs fiver with homemade intake and Mikuni carb and am running a header. Not as quick as the Predator but it could be with some work, a cam would probably get it there but I wont crack it open. I...
  15. gizzy

    Stretched Trailblazer

    I bought this a couple of months ago from my neighbor for $75.I think it a Trailblazer frame that's been stretched from what I've been told in the OldMiniBikes forums,but I'm not sure.It runs but needs a clutch,chain,&throttle to be rideable.It's more of a project than I want to get into so I'm offering...
  16. R

    trailblazer build

    Hey everybody! getting started on my first mini bike build, it's a trailblazer roller, i just picked up a 3.5hp motor, that's all the bike has, i'm a newbie when it comes to mini's but i thought this would be a coll project for me and my boys(ages 10 and 7). Can anyone help me with...
  17. Outlaw Ace

    Suspended Trailhosre, Trailblazer, or Bonanza Forks

    I need to be able to live with my Trailblazer and need spring forks. I have stuff to trade or American Dollars. Thanks Trailhorse, Trailblazers, and Bonanzas all fit the frame and I'm not picky.:thumbsup:
  18. Outlaw Ace

    Outlaw Ace's Trailblazer

    Started my thread in the wrong forum so here is the official entry thread. My 1966 Trailblazer will be left in it's patina with all new parts and a Predator engine.:thumbsup:
  19. Outlaw Ace

    Open Class 1966 Trailblazer

    This is my Trailblazer GT-G distributed by the owner of Gilmore Tatge Co. to his Shriner Troupe and the rest were sold off at the farm equipment store. That was the story I got anyway. I may leave it in it's original patina but may also have it blasted and powder coated. Probably be left in...
  20. Hemibrad

    Wanted Sissy Bar and seat for Trailblazer chopper

    I am looking for a sissy bar and seat for a trailblazer chopper restoration. Thanks for looking. email