What size magnetic drain plug (Baja MB200) ?

Hi, could anyone tell me what size oil drain plug (magnetic) to get for the stock engine?

I've got magnetic plugs on all my other toys and would love to know where to buy one for the MB200.



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Just make your own! Lowes/Home Depot sells very strong, small magnets that will fit on the end of the plug. Epoxy it on and you are good to go!
Hmmm. I was too dumb to think of that!!

The magnetic drain plugs I have in my cars/motorcycles I bought online. The end where the magnet goes has been drilled out before putting the magnet in and epoxying it.

It seems a little safer to me that way and with my luck I'd make my own and the magnet would come loose and tear up the inside of the engine..?


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So drill yours out! Unless your motor needs to put a man on the moon, don't worry about it! Your China made drain plugs probably are not even glued! The magnet just sticks to the plug. Dont worry, and don't try to overthink this! You'll be fine!