1. J

    Spark plug?!?!

    I have 2 new to me db30's each has the 97cc stock motor. They are from different previous owners and each have a different spark plug. I've seen that most seem to recommend a ngk bpmr6a. Well napa near me doesn't have those and said the champion cross ref for those is a cj7y. Is that...
  2. Sixpac440

    Fixed bikes ... pics and a plug!! Dorothy is still on simmer ...

    My Dorothy project has been on simmer while other projects have taken precedence. jeep4me needed some struts made for this bonanza ... also at some point in it's life someone hacksawed the fork lowers off because everything was frozen ... Some PB Blaster, a torch, some 1/2" dowels and a lot...
  3. G

    Oil drain plug

    Can anyone tell me if the drain plug on a Honda gc160 is metric thread or standard pipe thread Would like to extend it a bit. Always like to have the right parts before I start Thanks in advance Craig
  4. smudvapor

    Spark plug wire question

    Can you replace the spark plug wire on the coil or do you have to replace the entire coil?
  5. R

    Spark plug piston clearance issue

    Howdy all, Just checking to see if this is common or not. I am building a gx200 clone. Had .065 taken off the head, chamber measures 15cc. However, it was obvious when I was cc'ing the head, the stock Chinese spark plug was protruding quite a bit below the deck of the head, about .045. I...
  6. K

    Not a nice surprise - Baja 196cc MB165 motor spark plug socket stripped

    I picked up a cheap $200 baja mb165, he said the engine just needed a tune up. The bike was in bad shape, but I was going to strip it down in parts and hide them in a cabinet from my wife. I Decided to donate a rebuilt MB165 mini bike to a family we know that the two boys father was a...
  7. T-Town Mini

    E3 Spark Plug

    Has anyone tried using an E3 Spark Plug in their mini bike engines? E3.22 Spark Plug | E3 Spark Plugs I installed an E3.22 in my Predator last summer and it performed really well. Yesterday, since it was so warm (80°) I decided to go for a ride and pulled my Clonanza out of the...
  8. Not so mini bike

    Horstman angle plug head

    Horstman angle plug head. Great shape. $60 shipped
  9. cfrewilly

    Spark plug location 5 hp B/S flatheads

    Has anyone ever relocated the spark plug to a more centered location in the head? I have seen on other model B/S the plugs are in different locations in the head.
  10. markus

    core/welch/freeze plug for small frame camshaft/sidecover???

    Before I got hunting for one, has anyone already done footwork and found a suitable plug for the camshaft hole on the small frame H and HS sidecovers? I've got one or 2 side covers now that are the right style for mini bike engines but had the extended secondary PTO camshaft in them, being in...
  11. Evil Tweety Bird

    The basics and what a spark plug can tell you, or Here's your sign!

    I've been reading up on a lot of the threads here, and I don't know, but maybe because I was raised by a bunch of gearheads, something that was beat into to me by anyone I learned from was to always check the basics first when you have a problem. And if you have an engine running problem...
  12. J

    68 Rupp TT500 spark plug boot or open

    Anyone know if the 68 Rupp TT500 spark plug had a plug boot or not from the factory? I remember my fathers lawnmower from 67 or 68 with a Tecumseh and the plug had no boot. If you look up Tecumseh 65151h diagram, Rupp engine, it doesnt show a boot. Any input or comments are appreciated.
  13. FOMOGO

    predator drain plug replacements

    I am looking for suggestions on replacing my drain plugs on my Predator. It is going in a Barstool and the engine plate is mounted below the frame so the fore and aft movement is limited because of the drain plugs. They are a 10 X 1.25 thread. I want a button head allen to replace them but no...
  14. J

    Upgrade Advice for Tecumseh OHV 6.0 OHH60 Carb, Plug, etc.

    Hey all!! I have a Tecumseh OHH60 motor and want to do a few simple mods/upgrades. The carb on the motor now is stock, I found a high performance carb on ebay (New High Power Racing Carburetor Tecumseh 640346 640305 Fit OHH50 55 60 65 | eBay) but the carb does not have a primer bulb, but does...
  15. C

    Shameless Plug

    Bonanza Mini Bike Hodaka | eBay
  16. Sixpac440

    Heald VT-8 Spark plug?

    The one that's in there says MM1 on it .. looks like a champion base. I can get my plug socket on it fine. I tried a taller J8C (Champion) and its too tall to get the plug socket on. What is the plug that belongs there? Thanks Kevin
  17. Belbuekus

    WTB Spark Plug Cleaner

    I'm looking for an old AC or other brand spark plug cleaner machine. Condition is not that important but must be salvageable with most if not all parts present. Looking for something similar to the ones in the pics. Please PM me or e-me at <<****>> Thanks for looking.
  18. Not so mini bike

    Horstman angle plug head

    $65 shipped
  19. JohnnyTillotson

    New carb missing Welch plug?

    What is this gaping hole here on the left under the bowl on a new nos carburetor I got today? Shouldn't there be a Welsh plug covering this? Before I pop one in I just want to make sure the newer carbs didn't come with this open. Thanks
  20. K

    wtb - rupp continental top fork plug and spring

    Hi I have a rupp continental special that I need another top fork tube plug and spring. just like picture but I only have one ! anyone have one, or any ideas on what I can do. it's the only part I need !! thank you