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  • They are cool as hell and a blast to drive as well as a cheaper hobby than some. For those of us who aren't spending big bucks restoring muscle cars it is a cheaper alternative and still allows you to get your hands dirty.... Even if you have lights. By the time you try to get a title and try to register it(if it was a street legal model) they were not much very safe. Although they don't tip as easy as a higher ATC they can still flip. And the band brakes do not stop on a dime. But if you have driven one or seen the videos and like 3 wheelers they are a fun neighborhood toy.
    There were many different style trike like those in the 70's. Wards was just one. Alsport was one of the biggest.... I don't think yours was a street legal one. The Rupp Centaur and Alsport RTS-SL were the two main street legal ones... As far as value. Usually you spend as much if not more than you can sell them for. Remember they are pretty much a cross between a go kart and a mini bike. Yours has had much of the back fiberglass cut off and condition is everything. Most people would only pay around $500 for a toy like these. I have sold trikes for as much as $900 all redone. But you will find it is going to take up space and for the same money most people try to buy 4 wheelers.
    So whats the difference between a ward t555 and a owosso trike?

    My buddy said if I get it running and rerun all the lights (I have the orginal lights) mines worth good money.

    so this motor is good for the trike? Like it moves?
    I got rid of that trike a while ago. You have to make sure it sticks out long enough for the driven. You can hack saw off what you dont need.
    And as far as the bearing going into the frame. Does it just need to he a standard bearing amd ill press it in. Or does it need a snap ring or some holding device to hold it in the frame?
    No problem. I am not sure what part of florida Markus or Square Chopper is in but you may want to see if they live close enough to swing by. They are very helpful.
    Yes,yes. And read up on the torque converters. Once you measure the center to center distance and look it up on the belt chart with a 6" driven it will tell you which belt to get. With a 30 series the side closest to the engine is flat. The driver and driven flat sides should be in line with each other. Keep that in mind when lining the engine up. You can space the driver out a bit from the motor if you have to.
    The 40/41 sproket is the one for the jackshaft. Yes?

    And the lockers.. keep the jackshaft from moving left to right.. yes?

    Then measure center of driver and driven and then outter and get belt and buy chain and take out links. Then itll be alive....yeah?
    Once you take it all apart it will start to make more sense. But its 12:47 here and I got to go to But I check OldMiniBikes daily if you have questions.
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