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  • Thanks for the info. That tells me that i will go ahead and keep it. Just dont have to many places to ride my neighbors think im crazy when i take off down the road on it but who cares what they think right. Thanks again
    Hello, I just purchase a trike/3 wheeler that looks like the one in your photo. the red one with the white seat. What is it and when was it made? any info. Thanks
    Hi, I would be interested in buying the fuel tank, and both clutches-(driver and driven) and the seat off the old Dunecycle if at all possible.
    I currently have 3 Dunecycles and have had as many as 8 at one time.
    I am currently restorig a flat tracker model. It has solid axels but no rear suspension.
    I am always looking for parts to keep on hand so if you have any parts for a Dunecycle I would be interested.
    Thanks much,
    Kimber Burgett
    Well its a small world. The guy i just bought dunecycle from owned that site ( We have been talking for a month now and he offered me the one trike. He also has a 101 2stroke springer and a Tri scat that both have been in family since new and refuses to sell lol.

    Also i agree with what else you had to say.. Would hent make a special area for trikes instead of "more then two wheels". I would like to see one just for Trikes....
    Hi Gumpit I am currently looking at what I bielive is a Tri rod tr-351 would you have and info on this trike. I dont know if i will get it or not still working out the details. But it is complete minus the handlebars and skid. Any info you have would be helpful. Thanks Tim
    i recently bought an explorer trike and noticed that you have one, i am in need of a jackshaft and a belt. would you have any suggestions on were to find one? i really would apperciate the help!!! thanks, craig
    randy, what do you think of the guy makin the ruppster body? im sending a small part to be made to check it out
    I have done the same the closiest looking kart is the ruppster but they are not identical so on I press.Thanks for the info.
    I have been searching google under "trike" or " 3 wheeler" and going through all the pics...
    I am sooo jealous. Where are you finding all of these?
    Aside from this site, the last time I saw one was in an ad in the back of a Mechanic's Illustrated when I was a kid.
    I'm glad you are restoring them.
    Nice to meet you.
    Hello, do you still have the brake? what do you want for it? I bought a Alsport truck that uses the same set up but mine was seized up. Thanks, David
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