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  • The bolts are so old there snapping. And not to be a smart... but what am I going to acieve by flipping it? Proper aliment?
    I can take of the clutch. It has the hole in frame for jackshaft I think. If I have to change the motor I will. I need it running properly i really appreciate it. I wantto get it going for my dad.
    Hi there. I recently pulled an old owosso trike out of my dads back yard. Sadly its only a frame and shell. Im hoping you can help. I want to use a predator 212cc engine since its availble to me. Can you help me. I need jackshaft sizes. The ratio and jackshaft sprocket sizes would be wonderful. And pictures if you have them. Alsoif you have any suggestions on a better engine or jackshaft that would be wonderful. And where to find the parts maybe. It was my dads growing up and I would love to get it up and running for him. Thank you ahead of time.
    I picked up a tri rod like in your photos. I think t555? Was wandering if the forks behind the springs are supposed to have the bend in them? Also if you still have it could you maybe send me a couple pictures of how the brake cables are connected to the frame? This one needs some work! Mostly complete, it's a roller with wrong motor, needs all cables and brake bands. I. Don't know if it should have 2 levers or 1? Let me know.
    No Gumpit im not going to Windber, sorry. I found the part number for my axles but it has been discontinued and I cant afford the 100 for a new one. there is no chance of you selling me one will pay shipping, Thanks Tim
    Hi Gumpit any chance you might want to sell one of those differentials in the pic you sent last night. maybe one with the holes drilled in it, that way i could just bolt my hubs on. Let me know or send my a link to Larrys. Thanks man.
    Hey Gumpit heard that you may have a jack shaft for an El Burro please let me know if you do and how much?? Hope to hear from you Thnx Joe
    Thanks, but too big for me. The Z-90 is not as popular as the X-90 and it is not even worth 1/2 the value.
    Are you interested in the bike? This is the old college kid bike. Same motor as the X-90 but with a taller frame and tires. Bike was made from 1973 to 1975.
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