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    1969 Gilson Mini Bike Plate sprocket *help*

    New Help Locating a replacement Steel plate sprocket for my 1969 mini bike.. I already ordered the wrong one and having trouble finding the right one. Its a three hole set up.. 2 1/2in apart and 1 inch from the center mount! i have pictures if needed!
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    Riding a mini in the backcountry of colordo

    spark arrestors for a Harbor Fright 5hp clone engine?? Is the engine already equipped with this as long as I have not modified it? Looks like a requirement for Colorado! is this possible to install on these engines if not already part of the stock engine?
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    Riding a mini in the backcountry of colordo

    Curious on what the laws are for Mini bikes in the back-country of Colorado.. Can I have it registered at a dealer for an Out-of-state OHVs.. Anyone ever tried this? Love to use the bike on some light 4x4 trails for free camping..
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    Thread Lock?? Loctite super glue??

    I need a good thread locker to keep my set screws on my new jack shaft from vibrating out.. Loews unfortunately is my best bet and cant find Loctite for threads so i bought Loctite superglue Professional strength. Bad idea?? or will this work for a couple days of really bumpy ranch...
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    Set screw Size?

    AZ1826-10 - Complete Jackshaft Kit 5/8" x 10" misplaced Set Screws for this jack shaft set up.. Anyone know the size of replacements??
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    '59 B&S Oil leak from fill cap

    Appears i have oil leaking slowly through the oil cap. Any clue on why? bad cap? She Starts on one pull and purrs like a kitten. It's an old fart, but just enough power to have fun.
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    Calling All Texas Mini-Bikers

    I'm down for some action.. as long as there is beer.:blink: Over here in Austin!!
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    New from Texas

    I think my mini bike would agree... Texas is a great home. Welcome to the site.. It's addicting!:drinkup:
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    Tail light 4 gilson build

    Looking for a tail light that will fit a gilson frame.. Anyone help??
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    The gilson project

    Also on the search for a tail light that will fit the back holes.. About 3/12 in hole to hole for the tail light. I have the original tail light backing but it's in bad shape. Reads on the back JW Speaker Corp 143 Milwaukee WIS
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    The gilson project

    Just thought i would share... Still needs the forks straightened.. remove a little more rust on the bars.. some chrome is damaged beyond repair. Picked up a Tecumseh H50 for penny's on the dollar, ordered new gaskets, muffler, filter. Now i just need a seat. doubt Ill ever find a original...
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