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    battery bracket under seat.
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    Adding battery holder
  5. novadose74

    What battery should I use??

    I have a Tecumseh 6.0 hp powersport with electric start and alternator. What size battery should I use for the bike? I will be running : Headlight Taillight Brake light Horn Directionals with blinker Electric start Thanks, any suggestions would really be appreciated. Tom
  6. agent001

    Dewalt rechargable battery powerd headlights

    Lucky enough to find a few 14v dewalt batteries lying around, i wanted to try and devise a system to replace the atv batteries my karts use. Its still mockup so thats why the 2x4. The batteries have survived several rides now so i will soon make a more permenat mount and also switch over...

    Quality Battery Cables

    I am in the process of rewiring my Ford 601 Workmaster tractor. I have everything in hand except really good battery cables. I want a cable that has a flat end that is crimped not a copper tube end that is mashed flat and punched for a hole. A factory quality cable in other words. I know...
  8. R

    Battery charging

    How can I hook up a coil on a H 50 to charge the battery ?
  9. thejoker

    Looking for a super bronc battery box

    Looking for a super bronc battery box. Thanks Joe
  10. FOMOGO

    Gell Battery

    Has anybody used one of these for there mini? I was thinking about using one but would like to hear some real world experiences with them. I don't think I would use this one in particular. I would prefer a Yuasa battery as I have had great success with them for many years. Thanks, Doug...
  11. BruceTheCat

    Battery Box

    Hello everyone I want to add a tach and headlight to my mini bike. So i need to add an battery, but i wanted to some how hide the battery and make it look cool . I got an ammo box i got from Costco and bolted it my front fender. Im not done im still waiting for the battery ,light, switches to...
  12. novadose74

    Battery box for skat kitty

    Does anyone know the measurement between the holes on the Skat Kitty frame for the mounting of the aftermarket battery boxes? I have a box and I need to drill some holes. Thanks, I really need these measurements. Tom novadose74
  13. Bikerscum

    Lithium Ion battery jump starters.... $9 at Walmart

    Everstart LI battery jump starters/power supplies. Everstart Multi-Function Jump Starter & Battery Charger - Think they were like 50 bux. Then 35, then 19, now $9. I bought 11 of them for friends & family. Already used one to jump a dead riding mower.... fired right up. You...
  14. P

    Wiring a LED headlight to a battery?

    Good Morning, I am working on a super bronc, and would like to add a light. I purchased some LED headlights off amazon. They were ten bucks a piece, and look to be OK quality. I disassembled the units and sealed them with silicon as the reviews were said that was an issue. If I purchase a...
  15. ogygopsis

    Battery Box NOS Mint

    I'm selling one NOS battery box in mint shape. The exterior is perfect but the interior has a little surface rust where they skimped on the paint. The pics tell the story. The first $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping takes it. PM me if interested. Ogy
  16. markus

    NOS 1968 accessory light kit battery operated

    accessory light kit in original box, still wrapped in newspaper from 1968. You see these on ebay, and thats where I got it recently. I only bought it for the headlight as it was closest to correct that I could find for a build I am working on, but after alot of hunting and research I think I...
  17. T

    Battery for E start on 6.5 clone

    Anyone running a battery with at least 18AH on it? This is what is suppose to be used for electric start motors. Any pics or ideas would be great.
  18. S

    battery size for electric start

    just got my engine put together recently with electric start now i need a minibike friendly battery. I had the Billet flywheel machined to accept the ring gear and everything works nicely now i just need a small power source, wasnt sure if anyone had experience with this.
  19. Broncco1978

    69 Broncco Custom

    Hey guys, I recently changed up a few things on the old Broncco and it rides so much better with the taller bars. I added a headlight and an old school bee hive tail light, but I was wondering what kind of battery should I use for the lighting? We have these small trailer break away battery...
  20. bigevilone2

    Chrome battery box

    Chrome battery box. Looks brand new. I've seen these on Skat Kitty's with headlights and taillights. $30.00 shipped Paypal only.