1. Eliminator

    Wanted: Home made DIY mini from the 1960s made from bicycles...

    Looking for a do it yourself, homemade DIY mini made from the plans popular mechanics and boys life used to offer around 1965 66 using old bicycle frames. A lot of the plans called them Scoot'r-bike. The more unique and features the better. Made a few as a kid. Rather find one from the era...
  2. A

    Bicycles VS Mini bikes

    Why are bicycles ok to be on public roads but not small motorized mini bikes? Besides, because its the law. Does anyone have a good reason they believe its ok for a bicycle but not a mini bike?
  3. C

    Christmas Mini Bike Memories

    Growing up in a lawnmower and bicycle shop, on Christmas Eve, I always remember the time that my dad sold minibikes especially at Christmas. We also sold bicycles and go carts and even chainsaws and garden tillers for Christmas. The time frame was about 1967 to 1974. We sold items for Christmas...
  4. S

    Motorized Bicycles links

    I came here looking for street legal minibikes but have found that there is a LOT going on in the world of added motors to bicycles here are the three best forum links I could find Motorized Bicycle - Engine Kit Forum Yahoo Groups
  5. murrayeliminator

    Pedal Cars & Bicycles!

    For you guys that collect bicycles & Pedal cars I have a site dedicated to Murray Ohio.. just added a 1966 Murray Wheel Goods catalog to the site, if you want to check it out!:thumbsup: Every thing you want to know about the Murray bicycle Forums 1966 Murray Wheel Goods Catalog in Wheel...
  6. jeep4me

    Surly Bicycles

    Just wondering if anybody here has a Surly Pugsley bicycle. I've seen these bikes around town and I have been thinking about getting one. Just curious how they handle and ride. Thanks!
  7. KustomKartKid

    Motorized Bikes / Engine Powered Bicycles Thread

    Manufactured, built from plans, or scratch built...... .