1. M

    Bug Engineering Mini Bike

    Rare Bug Engineering "Trail Scout", located in Chester, NJ. Original barn find. Pick up only.. or you can arrange shipping.. $1,800 obo. .
  2. PacMule

    WTB Doodle Bug 1st generation

    Looking to buy local as a roller or with the little engine it comes with.
  3. R

    Small problems with Baja Bug

    So I got this Bug with a torque converter and junk, and its a world of difference compared to a centrifugal clutch. But one of the problems I have with it is that the rear tire is very hard to push when it has the little brass bushing. I added some dielectric grease where the bushing makes...

    Baja doodle bug mini bike

    Hello, I am looking for a BAJA DOODLE BUG MINI BIKE. A complete or a roller would be perfect. Located in Levittown, Pa if anyone has anything local. Thank you.
  5. hubie1320

    WTB Early 60's Bug Flea

    WTB - Early 60's Bug Flea project. Prefer just a roller or frame. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  6. W

    New Guy with a Doodle Bug

    Hello everyone, new guy here with a Doodle Bug mini bike. My father picked up this project from a friend and I've been tasked with getting it together. It had a bad engine and a new predator 79cc engine to go in. Has anyone used the Predator 79 engine in one of these before?
  7. P

    knobby tires for doodle bug

    Hi guys: New guy to mini bikes. Found a cheap d30 and bought it... I want to replace tires without wheel change and I want it to be "short" and old school looking and suitable for off road running. I will rig 212 cc on this thing. What tire size and brand do you guys think...
  8. H

    New to OldMiniBikes. Caught the Bug.

    Hello, Thanks for the add. My name is Richard, friends call me RB, i am 60 years old. Reside in Arkansas. Been looking around this site for a year or so. Got a new Coleman mini bike on Sunday and i am hooked. Never too old i guess! Thanks.
  9. K

    Hiawatha Doodle Bug

    Hi looking for handlebars and a front fender for a Doodle Bug. Thanks !
  10. Hounddog

    Bug Flea??

    Here is one that does not look right to me? You guys and girls tell me what you think....Just thought it should be shared for all of our enjoyment... vintage Bug Flea minibike project original 1st mini bike manufactured
  11. baggedwinnebago

    picked up a baja dirt bug

    got this over the weekend. pulled the engine had the motor from my coleman project had a pipe that did not work for another project. cut re-indexed it rewels and header wrapped it it is hanging to dry in the one photo cause i found it is easier to install the wrap wet. waiting on some...
  12. D

    baja doodle bug 97cc DB30s ( help Needed)

    Hello to all, My name is DJ Need some help, first time dealing with a minibike and dont know much. I have a Doodle bug Baja 97cc, DB30s and its missing the complete rear tire. Have tried to make this a retirement project but dont even know were to start. i know this much from doing some...
  13. C

    Bug Stinger

    Still have this one and the Emmick, sold the rest. Bug Stinger with Mac49.
  14. maknwar

    Project doodle bug

    So I picked this up cheap and it has a Briggs 206cc on it. Can anyone tell me about it? Trying to decide if I should rebuild it or put a predator on it. The left foot peg is also broken off. Trying to decide if I should cut the other one off or fix it to original condition...
  15. Y

    the dude L bug

    yea, i should probably put a bit more thought into the name, haha, but here is my short story in pictures. not quite done yet, but its starting to look like something...
  16. teched

    New Project 1971 MTD Mud Bug Trike

    Bought this off Craigslist for $40. Just the chassis, no motor, secondary clutch missing, no body, handle bars bent and tires are shot. Just the way I like them...A challenge. Started by cleaning up the chassis, and making a wood and plastic seat Buck mold for the fiberglass body. I found a...
  17. james c

    bug or k&p mini bike wanted

    anyone ready to part with there bug mini bike? pm me also wanted are bug parts like frames or wheels tires brakes tanks seats etc
  18. Oldscool

    doodle bug clutch and chain questions

    Do i need a #35 clutch.? Stock rear sprocket is good. I'm not sure about the sizing on chains , sprockets and clutches. Thanks
  19. G

    2 Mini Bike Frames, Lil Indian & Trail Bug

    I have 2 mini bike frames the smaller one being a Lil Indian and the other a Trail Bug. Both frames and front ends are free of bends and twists and would make a good base for a project. Must be picked up in Muskegon, MI. Note: The picture of Red Lil Indian with wheels was only to show you...
  20. Toominibikes

    Doodle Bug frame

    I have a Doodle bug frame that I got thinking one day I would restore. Well one day looks way too far in the future. I would like to sell this bike. Im thinking I have 200 in it and thats what I would like to get out of it. Thanks