1. glenn baine

    Glenn Baine - GOKART CYCLE - (Vintage Class)

    i bought this summer ( GOKART CYCLE)
  2. cattailhaas

    cattailhaas - 69 cat 400x modified - (Vintage Open)

    So this will be my second bike for the build off but I will focus on this one more as I plan on doing a lot of fabrication to make it what I want. All though I am modifying this bike, I am not doing anything to it that can't be reversed by unbolting a few things. My plans for this bike are...
  3. cattailhaas

    cattailhaas - 69 Cat 400X - (Vintage Class)

    Been meaning to restore this bike for a while glad the OldMiniBikes build off has finally come.... gonna start working on it tomorrow. I have everything to build this bike except an original throttle assembly and a rear fender, just in case anyone wants to sell me these parts to help with the...

    FOMOGO's - Warrior - (Chinese Class)

    My Baja Warrior build. Warrior frame and forks. Honda Rebel tank. Mustang Springer seat. Predator 420 electric start. 40 series torque converter. Kenda tires. That's the plan so far... Subject to adjustment along the way... :shrug: Its all downhill from here.... Doug
  5. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Dr. Shop Teacher's - "Lil" Indian Model 600 - (Vintage Class)

    Thanks to the OldMiniBikes Community for again hosting this year's Build-Off. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in last year's event and look forward to seeing the progress of entrants this year. Special thanks to mrpat and Cheezy1 for again serving as moderators, as they do a great job and offer humor...
  6. RustyRedneck

    RustyRedneck's - Fox Sprite - (Vintage Open)

    Hey fellas. Here's my entry into the 2017 OldMiniBikes Build Off. It's my '60 or '70s Fox Sprite. I'm not sure what I'll be doing for engine but It definitely will not be factory to the bike so I'm entering the Vintage Open class. Here's he kicker for me. I'm going to try to get it done by working...
  7. OND

    OND's - Bonanza - (Vintage Open)

    Just one build for me this year ! Bonanza MX frame .....should be easy ..right ? This is it bare frame, swing arm, shocks and a jack shaft...nothing special. :grind::hammer::hack::weld: Let the fun begin ! Good Luck to all the builders this year !:thumbsup: I"M JUST GLAD TO BE...
  8. mrpat

    Vintage Class Final Voting

    There were 11 completed projects in the “Vintage Class” class this year. Please vote for your favorite! Click on the OldMiniBikes logo to take you to the entry thread. These are in no particular order, just the order I pulled them from the main thread. Dr. Shop Teacher's - Ruttman j57little's -...
  9. mrpat

    Anything Goes Class Final Voting

    There were 9 completed projects in the "Anything Goes" class this year. Please vote for your favorite! Click on the OldMiniBikes logo to take you to the entry thread. These are in no particular order, just the order I pulled them from the main thread. bigrob's - 1/3 scale John Deere Tractor...
  10. bigrob

    1/3 scale John Deere tractor , anything goes class

    Ok I am in for round two lol As many of you know I love old tractors and built a 1/3 scale Allis Chalmers last year so I have wanted to build another so what would be cooler than a baby John Deere model 40 It will use a snowblower auger drive for a rear end , and a 97cc doodle bug engine...
  11. WrenchDad

    ARCO American Rider 2016 OldMiniBikes Build Off Vintage Open class

    Well better late than never. I didn't have all original parts to finish this last year, So I'll give it another shot.
  12. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Dr. Shop Teacher's Ruttman Vintage Class Build-off Entry

    A late entry I know, but I kept tripping over this pile of parts so I figured I had better do something with it. Stock HS40 with custom Wulf exhaust. Shooting for Mopar Plum Crazy but may go back to original orange.
  13. R

    OldMiniBikes Build-Off 2016 "Team Rambobuilders" Under 17 Class Rupp Build

    Hi, this is Team Rambobuilders and we are from West Branch Middle School. We are going to remake a 1971 Rupp. Hope for the best and we are going to kick butt!
  14. W

    OldMiniBikes Build-Off 2016 Team Wbam "Under 17 Class" Rupp Power-Dyne Build

    Hi, this is Matt, Damian, Cameron, Xander, Draven, and Austin and we are "Team Wbam"! We are students in the Career Based Intervention Program at West Branch Middle School in Beloit, Ohio. We are entering the "Under 17 Class". Our mini bike is a 1971 Power-Dyne.
  15. ethan l

    ethan l Manco Trailcat 250" Under 17 Class" 2016 OldMiniBikes Build Off

    Hi my name is Ethan I am 12 years old and I am building a 250 trailcat. Heres some pics and I do not own a coffee cup..sorry. :laugh: This is ond, I'm Ethan's Grand Pa so don't hold that against him. :laugh:
  16. spencertrax

    2016 build off , Kawaski MT1B restomod. Just for fun! class

    My entry for this year, hopefully will provide me with the motivation to keep at the project. It's a 74 Kawaski mt1b I picked up last summer as a winter project. Got a good deal on a parts lot shortly after I got the bike so I have a pretty good inventory of parts to get started. Won't be a...
  17. jakedmoe

    Frankenstein 2016 jakedmoe custom Anything Goes Class

    Hey Guys! im back for this years build off! I couldn't be more excited to build another custom for this amazing minibike world. Would like to start off by thanking OldMiniBikes for the opportunity and Joe from Joe's Minibike Reunion for letting me in his words "HAVE FUN" with his pile of parts which he...
  18. cruhr1

    cruhr1 2016 build off entry*vintage class *1969 Rupp Chopper*

    Here is my entry in the build off. The 1969 Rupp Chopper I picked up last week. This is my first time entering the build off in what looks to be a crowded "vintage class" with some really cool other bikes so I'll have my work cut out. With a couple weeks off the clock already there's no time to...
  19. jackeo21

    Jackeo21's - Vintage Class - Tru Test - OldMiniBikes Build Off 2016

    Well, to be honest, I never thought I'd ever get the chance to enter in the OldMiniBikes build off, but, here I am! I'm entering in the Vintage Open Class. My bike is a 1970's New Zealand built Tru Test. I have the frame, forks, wheels, sprocket, chain, and axles/bushings. I picked up this bike not...