1. PSG

    PSG's - Bonanza - (Vintage Class)

  2. Rupp_It_Up

    Rupp_It_Up - 72 Speedway Green Horn - (Vintage Class)

    Here's a 72 Speedway Green Horn I've had for a while and now it's time to make it new. This is the 6th Green Horn I've done over the years and hopefully the last! All the others were nice riders that I eventually sold off. This one is getting my best effort with show chrome and as many NOS...
  3. niquels

    Niquels' - Doodlebug Build - (Chinese Class)

    This is going to be a Doodlebug build with a predator 212 and 3D clutch. I'm excited to see how the clutch performs, it seems like a lot of people are adding it to their builds. Today we yanked the old motor out and it looks like there are already holes drilled to accommodate the predator (can...
  4. danford1

    Danford1's - Sears Puddle Jumper - (Vintage Open)

    This is my Sears Puddle Jumper entry for the Vintage Open Class. This is a fast minibike :-) It has a Briggs and Stratton Animal engine on it. Those have about 10 hp stock, with a couple easy mods it is about 12 hp. I plan to blast and paint it the factory Orange color, add a new gas tank, redo...
  5. danford1

    Danford1's - Sears Best Green Streak - (Vintage Open)

    This is my Sears Best Green Streak entry for the Vintage Open Class. It has a Predator 212 on it that I'll modify plus I'll be adding a Torque-A-Verter on it. I have some new brakes for it plus may be adding front brakes as well. It will be blasted and painted the factory Sub Lime green color in...
  6. danford1

    Danford1's - 75 Rupp Roadster2 - (Vintage Class)

    This is my 75 Rupp Roadster2 Vintage Class entry. It is pretty damn complete as it is :-) It has the original HS40 that runs good and the lights work! Someone painted it black and red. I'll repaint it the original Magenta color. I have a new seat cover with new foam, new cables, new brake light...
  7. danford1

    Danford1's - 72 Rupp Scrambler - (Vintage Class)

    Here is the 72 Rupp Scrambler I will be restoring for the Vintage Class. I'm debating turning it into a Hustler. THe differences were a Hustler had front brakes and a 4hp engine. I have all the Rupp parts to add the brakes and it currently has a HS40 on it. I also have all the new Hustler decals...
  8. stovetop19

    stovetop19's - Mini Stunter 125 - (Anything Goes)

    Here is my entry photo for the 2017 Build off, Anything Goes Class. This photo contains the wheels (blue rims), the busted up KLX125 donor/parts bike from which i will be using the engine, chain, and possibly some of the frame tubes and or mounts once I cut it up. I will be building a...
  9. CarPlayLB

    CarPlayLB's - HD Special - (Just For Fun)

    Hello all, first off, big shout out to Cheezy and Pat for doing this again! Thanks guys! Please marvel at this piece of s____unshine that kinda used to be a Minico Minibike. My good buddy OwenD broke his back shipping this beauty to me...thanks Bud! This will be my first "all Asian"...
  10. Harleys Papa

    HarleysPapa - 1972 Fox Thunderbolt MX212 - (Vintage Open)

    1972 Fox Thunderbolt MX212 "Vintage Open Class"
  11. chipper

    Chipper's - MTD SS300 - (Vintage Class)

    Well folks I'm in , I know the suspense was Killin ya :biggrin: MTD Western Flyer Trail Bike SS300 , gonna need some love . It has a hokey scrub brake welded on that has to go , the neck tube had been cut down for Cat 250 forks ( those are gone ) , got a crazy re-weld on left side main tube near...
  12. Chain Linkin

    Chain Linkin's - DB Dirt Racer - (Chinese Class)

    Bought this bike late last spring and added just enough bolt-on parts to have it ready for our race season (Note the paint can lid number plates with the always classy zip-tie mounts). Now that our season is finally over it's almost time for a complete tear down and proper rebuild. I say almost...
  13. Daniel Coop

    Gabrielle (Daniel) Coop's - "G Thang" Motovox MBX10 - (Chinese Class)

    Daughter/Father team, my daughter will be hands on in every aspect and decision of the build. We were told we could only compete in one class with the bike (although I hoped it'd qualify for 18 under and "China" class) but my daughter decided she wanted to play with the big boys so China class...
  14. B

    Bryce05 - lighted suspension Trail Horse - (Vintage Class)

    Here's my entry for the vintage class:) Full suspension Trail Horse with lighted H60. Frame will be powdercoated burnt orange with super chrome powdercoated forks. This is my first time entering the content and looking forward to the fun thanks Bryce.
  15. gammatg

    gammatg's - 1973 FOX Thunderbolt - (Vintage Open)

    I wasn't sure if I was going to do the build off this year. Last year I ran out of time on my Trailhorse build. Hopefully that wont be the case this year. I just picked this bike up yesterday, and decided to enter the buildoff with it. It currently has a newer hs50 that runs off of a...
  16. J

    jeepboy86's - trail flite - (Vintage Open)

    Hey guys and gals I'm a new member and this is my entry it's my Western Flyer trail flite that I'm gonna bring back to life with my taste added. I saved it from a scrap yard. It's rough and needs parts replaced. Thanks and good luck to everyone.
  17. FOMOGO

    FOMOGO's - DB30 - (Chinese Class)

    This is just because I have all the parts or at least 98 percent of them. And I would like to get this thing together for a little fun. Plan is Suspension forks with modified offset. Hydraulic Disc brakes front and rear. Predator 212 Hemi. Bigger tires. Lower the fenders and maybe a Torque...