1. Cat Switch Plate Clip (lower bracket) (JCPenney's Duster MX) (3)

    Cat Switch Plate Clip (lower bracket) (JCPenney's Duster MX) (3)

  2. Cat Switch Plate Clip (lower bracket) (JCPenney's Duster MX) (2)

    Cat Switch Plate Clip (lower bracket) (JCPenney's Duster MX) (2)

  3. Cat Switch Plate Clip (lower bracket) (JCPenney's Duster MX) (1)

    Cat Switch Plate Clip (lower bracket) (JCPenney's Duster MX) (1)

  4. C

    WTB-Tecumseh HS40 Spark Wire Clip

    Need clip(s) for spark plug high-tension lead. 1970 HS40
  5. N

    Clip art???

    Anybody have any basic mini bike clip art? Something simple that could be cut out as a sticker or put on a shirt?
  6. JohnnyTillotson

    Sears Roper scub brake clip

    I have searched all over the forum for a good pic of that spring clip that goes on the Sears Roper scrub brake to no avail. I knows its been a topic many times but can someone post a pic here from an angle like this if they have one or know of one? Thanks.
  7. j57little

    HS40 PTO C Clip

    Does anyone have a part number for a Tecumseh HS40 PTO shaft C Clip? It fits between the bearing and the seal. Thank you!
  8. B

    retainer clip on torque converter

    So I've tried to google and such before asking. But i'm still a newb around engines but trying to learn. My boy ordered his 1st torque converter (cheap knock off 90.00 on e-bay) instructions say tav2-30. My question is on the shaft that goes thru the plate and bearings and sleave. ON the back...
  9. ZR9B

    Cool dirt bike clip
  10. D

    mikuni 22mm flooding

    My set up -212 non-hemi predator -nr racing ported 18cc Honda head milled .050 -cm push rods stock length -reinforced rocker arms stock ratio -.016 copper head gasket -lash caps -black mamba can -arc rod and flywheel -head and side cover studs -22mm mikuni -Robertson torque loop...
  11. D

    mikuni 22mm needle jet clip

    I was adjusting my needle jet clip and it flew off. I can't find one that's for my Japanese mikuni 22mm, I think it's a vm22. Anyone know where I can. Get the right clip at? Thanks
  12. Not so mini bike

    Bird scrub brake pad

    Pulled this off of a 10" wheel bird. Still has plenty of life left. Comes with the oh so hard to find clip. $30 shipped
  13. cheezy1

    At 80 years old...Don Garlits

    Seen this flipping around on Facebook. The guy is 80 and goes straight as an arrow down the track still and still moves around well. Just an interesting video clip. 80 Year Old Don Garlits Quest for 200MPH on Batteries | Speed Society
  14. tbird

    Bonanza MX fork dust cover clip

    I'm looking for one clip for my Bonanza MX fork rubber dust cover. Anyone out there possibly have one that they can depart with?
  15. M

    HS40 Crank Bearing Clip Needed???

    Hello, I am putting a HS40 together for a friend and there is a clip that holds the crank bearing in place that I want to leave out. It doesn't look like it is needed. The clip is on the clutch side between the crank bearing and the seal. Any input or advise is greatly appreciated...
  16. M

    Predator 212 Vavle Retainer Clip

    I am trying to get a valve retainer clip. I lost the one side of the clip. This is the split retainer clip style. If anyone can help me please PM me.
  17. derekbmn

    Urgent !!! Narrow Cable Clip Needed...

    URGENT !!! I'm looking for a narrow cable clip for 1" frame tubing. These were used on the lower model Cats to hold the throttle cable in two spots. I have one, but need one more. (although I'll take more if you have them) A little patina is just fine...going on an un-restored original. Pics of...
  18. texasfabguy

    clip art needed

    I need some clip art of a mini bike,black and white only. I will be using the art on trophy's for the upcoming race. thanks,Mark
  19. manco12

    Dropped an E clip behind flywheel

    I dropped and e clip where it seems to have gone behind the flywheel. I removed the recoil and blower housing but didn't find it. What do I do? I need it for the throttle and am worried it could damage the engine? Thanks
  20. dvd0020

    6.5 RLV sound clip

    Can somebody post a sound clip of a 6.5 with an RLV silencer? Just need a general idea for the sound. I have a 2 stage header with no silencer, and I'm pretty sure the neighbors hate me. I was thinking the clamp style would be great so I can remove it when not in the neighborhood. Thanks :thumbsup: