1. FunWithStuff

    Hillarious ad on Craigslist

    Was searching around on Craigslist and found this hillarious ad. Thought I would share it here for anyone that needs some humor right now.
  2. steven Durham

    Blessing from CRAIGSLIST

    My house mate Randy wanted a trail bike so I found one for him. It is a Homelite Trailking and it was truly a barn find by the seller. Has the 2 speed gear box and the Deepco Speed sensitive belt drive system. It has two seats the passenger seat is removable if using the built in cargo area...
  3. E

    John Deere Super Bronc on Craigslist in Michigan

    This one looks like it's in pretty decent shape.
  4. R

    Mystery mini bike on Craigslist

    Can anyone indentify this mini bike is it worth the $50 Thanks Kelly
  5. Gatecrasher

    1973 Kawasaki MT1 For Sale On Craigslist (Allentown, PA)

    Here's what appears to be a pretty-nice unrestored 1973 Kawasaki MT1 for sale in the Allentown, PA area. Everything appears to be there on it. If I didn't already have two 1973s I'd probably be all over this one:
  6. Scumbag

    Tecumseh/Lauson Hand crank motor (San Diego Craigslist) $45

    Vintage "Craftsman" gas generator - $45 looks like a Lauson(?) Model: 143 65251 Serial no: 9524716 Vintage "Craftsman" gas generator
  7. catfishman

    mini on craigslist

    Old minibike
  8. Stitch

    Nice 1969 CAT 300x on C.L. $250

    Here is one of the oldies near Cleveland, Ohio. Not mine. I thought I'd pass it along... Large heavy duty tool box
  9. U

    Western Flyer Trail Filte on Craigslist (not mine)

    Western Flyer Trail Flite SS400
  10. U

    Nice bikes on Craigslist (not mine)

    came across a couple of bikes on Craigslist that I thought I would share. 1970 RUPP Roadster 2 Mini-Bike 1960 CUSHMAN Eagle 8HP RIDE READY!
  11. U

    Found this "mini bike street signs" ad on Craigslist

    Just wanted to share this Craigslist ad that I came across on Craigslist. This guy has "mini bike street signs" Mini Bike Street Signs, LIL Indian, Harrison, Rupp, Ruttman, Speedway
  12. U

    Heald Trail Bike on Craigslist...northern Michigan

    Just posting this Craigslist ad I came across for any of you that may be interested. Trail Bike
  13. 6

    Arctic Screamer Detroit craigslist

    see Detroit craigslist
  14. d__T

    Newkid here: I bought a "minibike" off craigslist

    it's not a minibike but for $60, how could I turn down a mismatched collection of spare parts not really flying in formation? ...I get the feeling I'm gonna learn a lot!
  15. N

    Craigslist find worth my time?
  16. M

    Craigslist find

    Snagged this guy on Craigslist last night. Not sure what it is. Anyone got an idea?
  17. slywilliez

    First EBay & Craigslist

    First EBay & Craigslist post , so glad to have this back.
  18. K

    Craigslist find

    Hello, I just picked up these two mini bike frames on the cheap from a craigslist ad. New to vintage bikes and wonder if anyone may know anything about makes/models? The smaller bike has a torn/faded label that seems to read something-mart Engine Products Corp Brooklyn NY. Any info would be...
  19. olddog

    Bonanza on Craigslist

    Man, I love this bike, the perfect style. Price seems reasonable, but I don't know squat.
  20. Timmahhhhh

    Is This a Modified Azusa?

    I saw this on craigslist...Probably a dumb question, but is this a modified Azusa frame? Sure does look like it.