1. Sixpac440

    Granddaughter New Dirtbike and Karate!

    My Granddaughter Rylee (soon to be 7) had her first Karate tournament today ... 2 1st place metals and a 2nd place metal! She also got her 49cc dirt bike today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--nHtGErx0E&feature=youtu.be Tho I don't have video I went head to head with her on my...
  2. Mark G

    Any interest in 15" dirtbike wheels

    I have a set of NOS wheels with axles and brakes, new in the box. If anyone is interested in them I'll dig 'em out and get some pics posted up and toss an ad in the for sale section. I'm almost positive they are both 15" (Think big Fox thunderbolt)
  3. webdr

    Dirtbike silencer on mini

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking the thread for a while now. Just signed up when I started my Bad Dog balloon-tire build last month, and I'm almost done and fired her up for the first time yesterday. I mounted an NR Racing Factory-Stock GX200 and I can honestly say it has way more power than I...
  4. boostdoctor

    My Hemi Predator minibike vs Honda crf450r dirtbike

    Video of my Hemi Predator minibike vs Honda crf450r dirtbike It's been a while since I posted anything of my Hemi bike. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FscfWj4788&feature=youtu.be
  5. Yoop Jr

    I finally got to ride my new dirtbike

    I finally got to ride my new dirtbike. This is the first clutch bike that I've driven. It was easier than I expected.
  6. The Restore Kid

    TRK's weed whacker Razor dirt bike

    Soooo the neighbor kid has had this thing since his mom got it last year for 10 bucks at a garage sale.. Batteries were shot so he just pushes it.. Since helping his dad with his barn, Troyboy always wants me to push the thing.. I always did think of how it needs one of these weed whacker...
  7. F

    Changing gaskets!

    My 2-stroke engine was leaking gear oil :( So i bought the gaskets, and i thought I'd make a video about it. Enjoy! Replacing Tomos A35 Engine Gaskets - YouTube
  8. F

    Engine dynamo

    Hi, i am in the process of restoring a Tomos Tx50. I recently changed the gaskets on the engine and saw that the engine has a two cables coming out of it. one of them i know is for the spark plug. But could the other one be used to power a 12 volt light? If so will it need an voltage regulator...
  9. F


    Hello everyone! I'm a new guy here and a while back i decided to make my own Youtube channel. I have uploaded a couple of videos already of me going out on a ride on my minibikes and pocketbike. I recently bought a 1997 Tomos TX50 for $30!! And i am going to upload the progress of the...
  10. F

    Tomos Tx50 Restoration timelapse

    Hi, this is a quick little video i made about me restoring my 1997 Tomos Tx50. I bought the bike for $30!! Hope you guys enjoy it!! Feel free to comment about the video or ask questions about the bike!:scooter: Painting the Tomos TX50 - YouTube
  11. YOOP

    nice old husky 250 dirtbike on cl

    Vintage Husqvarna Dirtbike
  12. joekd

    Razor electric dirtbike and scooter

    Time to start cleaning out the stuff my son has outgrown Dirtbike is a Razor MX500 From the MFG: Scaled-down electric motocross bike with powerful 500-watt electric motor Carries riders at speeds of up to 17 mph; authentic dirt bike frame geometry Dual suspension and riser...
  13. F

    dirtbike to Bmx wheel conversion?

    Has this been done? I'm building a mini bobber out of a 70cc Baja. I want to pull the 14 in and use a 20in 45 spoke bmx wheel.
  14. Thecatmilton

    1981 honda z50r electrical question

    I recently dropped $200 on a 1981 honda Z50r and I was wondweing if I could add a headlight to it. There is a black wire with a white stripe coming from the flywheel ac generator stator thing (i have seen it called a few different things), and I was wondering what that was.
  15. D

    lifan dirtbike engine on a mini?

    Looking at building a custom project/chop. any thoughts on using one of the 125cc 4stroke lifan dirtbike engines on a mini?
  16. charliechaindrve

    indian dirtbike!

    My dad got this for me, its not really a mini bike. Its a 1974 indian 125. :D we paind 100$ for it and it runs but the kick start spring is broken so you half to manualy bring the peddal back. The forks were broken when we gotit but they've been welded back together and it is on its...
  17. hornetdude

    1981? yamaha It 175 cheap or parting out

    this thing was owned by an older man he said that he used to race it up hills ,,it was in the back of a van that i went in haves on to scrap i kept the dirtbike and a few parts from the van for my half , the back tire is slick but holds air its been wrecked and fixed properly ,, the kick start...
  18. WESST310

    Looking For A Double Dirtbike Carrier

    Hey OldMiniBikes, I'm Looking for a double dirtbike carrier for my two dirtbikes in the Los Angeles, I.E, and Orange County area. If you have one or know somebody that has one please leave me a comment... Thanks.!
  19. joekd

    Tomos MC80 dirtbike for sale

    Ok, it's not really a mini but I am selling my son's 2006 Tomos MC80 Senior. 80CC 2 stroke, 3 speed clutchless transmission. Ridden very little, great beginner bike. Looks and runs like new, needs nothing. $700 OBO, located in CT
  20. Riley

    Determining dirtbike size?

    whats the easiest way to determine if a dirtbike is the right size for you? i have heard that when you sit on it, you have to be able to have both feet flat on the ground?