1. SimpleTom

    Taco 22 on ebay

    With some mods to it. 3 hsp Taco minibike in Powersport Vehicles Under 50cc | eBay Motors
  2. Timmahhhhh

    Mystery Bike #31!!!!!

    Found this on Ebay today-is this a Ruttman? It looks like it was chrome plated.....Did Ruttman do that at their factory? Thanks for any replies.
  3. oldfatguy

    bonanza chopper on ebay

    Bonanza Chopper Mini Bike | eBay I still miss the one that I had
  4. M

    Ebay feedback

    What a joke! I left our former forum brother Juan Blanco bad feedback on bay after the engine he shipped me in a box with only some paper snapped off the carb and covered everything in oil and he refused to do anything at all to make the situation right. I happen to be looking at ebay today...
  5. Bikerscum

    Ebay Lil Indian

    I was in up to $300. I figured I could keep the wheels & brake & sell the rest. 5 days left &, well.... I can see where it's headed . Lil Indian :hammer:
  6. SimpleTom

    Nice original Nova on ebay

    Looks like the forks need some straightening. Good survivor bike. Vintage Nova Mini Bike Nova Kunckle | eBay
  7. tex-41

    Ebay find, lot of frames

    7 Vintage Mini Bike Frames 1 Scat Cat 2 Bird 1 Ruttman 1 Taco 1 Cat Rupp Pinto | eBay Wish I had the money.... good deal for somebody :thumbsup: Pass it on
  8. Timmahhhhh

    Mystery Bike #28 !!!!!

    I saw this on Ebay-thanks for any info on what it is.
  9. JesseWulf

    Bonanza MX 1510. eBay

    I am looking at a Bonanza MX1510 on eBay. I have written the seller with questions and have not gotten a response yet. Does ant know this seller and is he a member of OldMiniBikes? Thanks Jesse Wulf
  10. SimpleTom

    On ebay right now and I'm stumped

    Anyone have a clue? :shrug:
  11. M

    LIL indian sabre on ebay

    item # 111036503814. needs a motor. Rear brake caliper intact. Front forks are bent in a bit. Not mine. Just FYI.
  12. toomanytoys

    neat manco on ebay

    Manco Minibike | eBay Did this come with the tec 2 smoker on it factory?
  13. B

    Minibike Chopper, what model on Ebay

    Minibike chopper on Ebay, seller willing to ship. see item 261185710265.
  14. S

    Powell on ebay

    Nice one. Powell Challenger Vintage All Original Minibike Briggs and Stratton 5 HP | eBay

    Did they move the ebay "watch item" thing to click on?

    Trying to save a couple things on my watch list and can't find where to click...
  16. SimpleTom

    Powell wheel on ebay

    8" Mini Bike Tire Wheel | eBay
  17. gumpit

    Mudbug on Ebay

    Vintage Trike Mini Bike | eBay Nice big brakes...
  18. ole4

    hs50 cheap on ebay

    if anyone is looking for a nice smallblock hs50 there is one on ebay for 25 bucks with 6 hours to go and no bids. 30 bucks shipping. I was going to bid on it but I have to many clones and want to stick with them as they are easier to get power out of.
  19. SimpleTom

    Speedway Widow Maker on ebay

    Someone painted the frame red but it is a Widow Maker. Speedway Minibike | eBay
  20. trailhopper

    Scat-Bat w/ Bird seat on ebay

    Scat Bat Antique Vintage Mini Bike Bird Minibike Very RARE | eBay