1. buckeye

    Happy Birthday Evil Ed

    Happy Birthday Ed!!
  2. Evil Tweety Bird

    The Evil Tweety Bird

    I posted in the General forum my story and how I ended up here, so I'll just move on to the meat of the rebuild. So begins the story of the Evil Tweety Bird. Managed to pick up a Bird Thunderbird, for free.:thumbsup: "Just needs a motor" Okay, that and a ground up restoration.:scared...
  3. Evil Tweety Bird

    The Evil Tweety Bird

    First post, spent the last couple of days reading all I could find to get an idea of what I've gotten myself into. Long story short. My son and I road race, just got back from Road Atlanta, and 4 days walking everywhere. I decided we needed a pit bike. Looked at Craig's list, and talked to...
  4. B

    Joe's Minibike Reunion Podcast # 5 w F&B Racing and Evil Ed on Windber Reunion '16!

    Joe's Minibike Reunion Podcast ‪#‎EP05‬ F&B Racing. Joe Sebergandio talks to minibike building brothers Frank and Brian Franquez of F&B Racing about the early days and their current line of performance products and custom minibikes jmbrpodcast.podomatic.com
  5. D

    Jake Moe and Evil Ed on the JMBR Podcast

  6. D

    Evil Ed on a new minibike podcast.

    Hey All. Check out Evil Ed on this new podcast. https://youtu.be/zUTDoiW_7M8
  7. Harleys Papa

    Happy Birthday Evil Ed

    Happy Birthday Ed :thumbsup:
  8. LSCustoms

    LSC's Evil Twin Project

    Have to wait for parts on the other projects... so decided to throw some parts i have laying around and some tubing together... been working on it a couple of days... has a bad day the other day, so needed the vent... wasnt going to post much here, until done.. but might as well make a couple of...
  9. tippycanoenm

    evil knevil bike

    first time to see one like this......kinda cool and the price isnt bad either.......
  10. KustomKartKid

    The " Touch of Evil " Flexo

    I started to write this thread a few months ago but decided to hold off until after the forum changeover took place. I was going to title it "Flexo #3" ..but I since sold one to Karen so I'm back to only 2. (Note: You can never have too many Flexos they are just flat out cool bikes.) This is...
  11. Square_Chopper

    Happy Big Evil Birthday!!!!!

    The Brotherhood Salutes You!!!!!!!!!!! :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown: :happybday::happybday:
  12. Jeff Clark

    Evil Ed World Wide...

    Well just Utah... was a little surprised this morning checking the local classifieds I think someone owes you some royalties Ed.. Go Carts Classifieds for Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming | ksl.com
  13. S

    Calling Evil ED !!!! Image robbed !!

    Hey Ed.... I was walkin' thru the store tonight,,,,saw this shirt and figured it was an EE shirt. I walked back to double check and realized some duck huntin' dude robbed your image....and to make things worse he's using your image to get the chicks !!!
  14. Square_Chopper

    "OFFICIAL" Bonanza Brotherhood Approved WINDBER 2013 EVIL ED Bumper Sticker! L@@K!!!!

    :scooter: "Impressive" is RIGHT!!!!! Here’s your chance to own your very own Windber 2013 HUGE 4" X 11" BUMPER STICKER featuring OldMiniBikes’s resident celebrity..... THE ONE AND ONLY!!! o_O REALITY TV STAR EXTRORDINAIRE!!! :cool: FOUNDER OF THE BONANZA BROTHERHOOD!!! ::scooter: REVERAND...
  15. Square_Chopper

    Big Evil TV Star

    We've all heard about the infamous Evil Ed episode of Auction Hunters, and most of us had heard that he was on some other TV show at some point..... Wreckreation Nation for soap box derby racing..... as the tech inspector! :doah: Well, the Auction Hunters one is easy to find with a Google...
  16. dwp dan

    rupp tank for sale just had it lined by evil ed

    i have a rupp tank the orange one evil lined it for me good job i want 80.00 for it see my pictures also see it on al creaglist dwp dan no dents no holes no rust the paint was scraped in front of tank this is a 200.doller tank local pick up only in sunland calif only send me massage with your...
  17. evil ed

    evil ed

    evil ed build off bike
  18. gbones

    help bring EVIL ED to windber

    wouldnt it be great to send donations to bring EVIL ED to windber:thumbsup: so this thread is for that purpose. what ever you can spare even if its a dollar, every bit helps, beleave me i know. alot of members on here donated alot of money for me to attend funday #2 and it was great and i...
  19. smoky

    Evil ed on tv!

    lol i just saw evil ed on auction hunters! pretty damn cool.. =D just checked the date and it was filmed in 2010 SEE IT HERE skip it to 12:09
  20. bayareaburrito

    Evil Ed Fan Club

    I got my official Evil Ed fan club sticker today....:bowdown: Now what do I do :shrug: