1. matt2

    HS40 exhaust flange

    Hi everyone I need a exhaust flange to weld my exhaust on to. The flange needs to fit a 1969 HS40. OldMiniBikes warehouse has full exhaust not just a flange. I may have to buy the full exhaust and cut off the flange. :thumbsup:
  2. A

    exhaust help

    I was just wondering if the OldMiniBikes 8" clearance under seat header will fit a Baja mb200 without any issues.. any pics of it on a bike would help. thanks
  3. J

    honda 13hp clone exhaust flange on OldMiniBikes?

    ive got a honda 13 hp clone off a genny, swapped the crank for a straight shaft to put on my John Deere AMT. didnt come with an exhaust so i need a flange, does OldMiniBikes sell one? i saw a few different things on there but mostly looked like smaller clone stuff. i need to order some from OldMiniBikes anyway so...
  4. slywilliez

    Rupp TT 500 Roaster HI PO exhaust

    Im looking for an original HI PO exhaust for my Rupp tt 500. I am looking for something with age and some rust lol. I dont want a repo. I have cash and good stuff for trade.
  5. butch63

    water pipe exhaust

    i've seen engines with water pipe elbows to redirect exhaust, is this a no-no? threads the same? ghetto is ok with me if it will work:laugh:
  6. markus

    Interesting exhaust accessory, anyone remember these?

    Few years back these popped up on ebay, the listing stated it was an optional accessory for the performance exhaust on the 68-69 Rupps. Its a cool little butterfly plate, the intentions are to quiet the exhaust down when needed, or when your ready to throw down and race for pinks turn the knob...
  7. thejoker

    NOS rupp exhaust

    Rupp Minibike Muffler NR | eBay
  8. A

    Exhaust coming out of the front of my doodlebug. How can i make a pipe

    I have a newer style doodlebug and I just put a bigger engine on and the only issue is the exhaust comes out the front towards my front fender. how can i make a pipe to come out the side and to the bak wheel?
  9. slywilliez

    NEED Arctic cat screamer exhaust

    I am lookin for an Arctic cat screamer exhaust manifold and muffler.
  10. cpt.slow

    dogbone exhaust

    has anyone else heard of these. i heard there really good but ive never seen one can someone post a pic. thanks:thumbsup:
  11. cpt.slow

    dogbone exhaust

    anybody ever hear about a dogbone exhaust. ive never seen them but i hear theyre really good. can someone post a pic of one?
  12. C

    212 exhaust up mod

    I was looking to use the Predator 212, but I need to mount the back almost flush, and the exhaust sticks out over the rear of the engine. What is the easiest way to move the exhaust towards the front or straight out to the side?
  13. cpt.slow

    anybody know whats the BEST all around exhaust with the best throttle response.thanks

    i want to buy a new exhaust for my clone and if its possable i would like something that wont burn my leg or tush if not i can just wrap it:thumbsup:
  14. thejoker

    ebay exhaust

    Vintage Tecumseh Muffler Minibike Taco Bonanza Cat Go Kart | eBay don't we have 2 on here for sale
  15. Ajf

    1970 rupp handle bars and a roadster exhaust

    I need a nice set of 1970 rupp handle bars and a roadster exhaust. May be interested in other parts. Pm me.
  16. T

    HS40 exhaust

    I'm back again... What are my options for exhaust on this HS40? I bought one of the long pipes from OldMiniBikes but I'm concerned that it is too heavy for it considering how much these old engines vibrate. Will one of the flat L shaped mufflers fit on this motor? THANKS!
  17. Diabolus

    H30 side exhaust question

    I have a couple H30 Tecumseh engines with side exhaust ports. I've checked OldMiniBikes warehouse and cannot seem to find any header style exhausts for these engines. Can anyone recommend another place to look?? The stock exhaust blows right on the riders leg.
  18. Carlos

    HS50 tuned exhaust length?

    Interesting to know if any of you have played around with tuning the exhaust lengths for your Tec engines (in particular the HS50) and what other modifications you are running, mild or wild. I'm building an HSSK50 engine ... Modified ports and manifold -.020" off the head Tec carb usual...

    Tecumseh H25/30/35 NOS Exhaust

    Tecumseh H25/30/35 SLANTED (20 degree) NOS Muffler. I think this piece is very rare/hard to find in any condition let alone a NOS one. This one has needs a little clean up or some fresh paint-it IS 40 some years old but has no real rust or pitting. Would be perfect candidate for...

    Taylor/Tecumseh HS40 Chrome Exhaust NOS

    Tecumseh HS40 SLANTED NOS Chrome Muffler as pictured. $125 Shipped. PM me. Thanks-Bill