1. Not so mini bike

    Rupp black widow exhaust

    Rupp black widow exhaust. Some spots on it but cleaned up really nice. Looks nice in the light. 85 + shipping.
  2. mountain38

    exhaust bender Recomendations

    Hello I am considering buying an exhaust tube bender and didn't know what others out there in the mini bike world are using. I would like to make my own exhaust and prob wont bend anything larger that 1" steel. Any tips or help would be appreciated. Thanks! Jason PA
  3. capguncowboy

    H35 Rear exhaust engine

    The serial dates it as 1982, but this thing is really clean. The guy I got it from said he never used it. I don't know if it was "never used" because there is a little grime build up like you get on a running motor, but it is REALLY clean. I didn't pull the head to see if it has been ran or not...
  4. Sixpac440

    Taylor Type Exhaust for RH Port ....

    Not even sure if they made them. $30ish + shipping .. ? Has to fit here .... Kevin
  5. Rapidrob

    Tight bend exhaust pipe

    I need an exhaust pipe that may not be doable. I need a 6.5 HP Predator pipe to bend 160-180 degrees. The pipe needs to bend as soon as it leaves the engine and not go out more than 1.5 inches. I would need the flange and at least 6 " of pipe to mount the muffler. Is this even possible? Who can...
  6. H

    Exhaust header for Thunderbird with predator. Y

    First post! I have been lurking here for a few weeks now. It's finally time to speak up. I am looking for a good performing 1" header that will fit my Manco Thunderbird with predator 212. I'm looking specifically at the under seat headers listed on OldMiniBikes warehouse. My question is, which one will...
  7. capguncowboy

    Taylor Spark Arrestor Slanted Exhaust

    This came off of my MTD bike. Slanted exhaust This was pretty rusted. It's been cleaned and painted with 1250º high-heat paint. No dents or bends in pipe. $60 shipped (obo) Paypal required, pay the 3% or send it as a gift. Thanks!
  8. H

    Fox (and other) HS Exhaust

  9. capguncowboy

    Exhaust pipe

    I bought this pipe for a project, but went a different direction with it. Pipe is in excellent condition. no dents or bends. I paid $65 for it. I'll take $50 + $10 for shipping from 37618 Paypal only, you pay the 3% or send it as a gift.
  10. dw1973

    Skat Kitty Tecumseh H25 exhaust elbow

    Hard to find piece. $35 + ship from 49279.
  11. 2fast4you

    aftermarket exhaust issue

    After putting a aftermarket header on where am i suppose to put the throttle return spring since it was hooked to the stock muffler shield?? Its a 212 predator motor btw
  12. capguncowboy

    Gilson Exhaust

    I've been searching for an exhaust for my Gilson. I can't find one anywhere. I was looking at some pictures and finally found one that shows it in pretty good detail. It doesn't look like it would be too difficult to make, but I'm not a machinist. Does anyone have one they could take...
  13. 1

    Stinger Exhaust

    Wondering if anyone has a stinger exhaust for sale, predator style engine.
  14. S

    3.5hp side popper exhaust help

    Any ideas on a trick looking exhaust for a 3.5 hp H33 exhaust like a cast Reed muffler?....this is the best I can come up with thanks
  15. Iron Honky

    Kick starters and Taylor "S" 100 exhaust NOS

    Found some more parts for you minibikers today. I dont need them but forked out some good coin for them 1. 2 fairbanks morse kickstarts, one is 100% but the second looks to have the arm piece broke and bracket missing(didnt realize until I got home:doah:). They both appear to be new and never...
  16. brendanp

    8 inch or 11 inch OldMiniBikes Exhaust

    I want to get an aftermarket pipe for my doodlebug/predator 212. OldMiniBikes has the 8 inch or the 11 inch. Which one looks/works best? any pics of both on the doodlebug would be helpful. I have the high flow air filter and upgraded e tube and jet. Now I want to make sure the exhaust flows better then...
  17. Acolytus

    Baja Warrior Exhaust upgrade and welds!

    My mini bike was in a shop for a couple of days getting some small cracks welded on the motor plate and rear fender. They also bent my exhaust, so the exhaust wouldn't interfere with the frame. It performs and sounds great!
  18. Cubenzo

    7/8's handlebars/thumb throttle/pit bike exhaust

    Looking for MX style 7/8's handlebars... 7" or less rise. Also need a 7/8s thumb throttle/cable (cable can be junk, just want end) Pit bike exhaust 90-125cc (can be off any Chinese pit bike, pocket rocket, quad) shipping to zip 48867, mi
  19. E

    Columbia MTD Trail Flite Parts Wanted

    Hello, My son and I are doing a rebuild on a trail flite that I have had for bout 20 years. We are in need of a fuel tank and an exhaust. Anyone out there with any parts cluttering a shelf that they are interested in selling??? Thanks! :scooter:
  20. matt2

    HS40 exhaust flange

    Hi everybody I am looking for a exhaust flange for a 1969 HS40. I need it to weld the original exhaust back on the Fox Street Scamp. Thanks for any help.:thumbsup: