1. X

    Is there any aftermarket Predator 301cc exhaust available?

    I'm looking for something that goes straight out the exhaust port. Not sure if the exhaust would be the same on the 212 cc engines or something else. The picture below is the port on the engine and the drawing is approximate. Note the exhaust port is offset to the rear of the motor or towards...
  2. Havasu Dave

    Powell Exhaust Pipe Intallation?

    Does anyone know how the bent piece of exhaust pipe is attached to the spark arrestor portion of the Powell exhaust? I assume both Tec and Briggs applications are the same. Unable to find photos detailing the attachment method. Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.
  3. Not so mini bike

    Briggs bolt sets

    Do they sell bolt sets? Head bolts,side cover, intake exhaust esc. 3hp and 4hp
  4. K

    exhaust modification

    i need to dent my exhaust in so i can tighten 1 of the exhaust bolts. but i dont own a torch. can heat it in a fire pit full of coals. please help
  5. R

    predator 420

    original exhaust manifold wanted .......
  6. OND

    Tecumseh H35 Side Popper Exhaust ???

    I'm building a Tec. H35 side popper, and was wondering what kind of exhaust most of the mini's came out with back in the day. Anyone have any Pics ? Was it like this exhaust in my pic ?
  7. markus

    Was this exhaust only for Speedway bikes?

    I just picked this exhaust up cause it was too good of a deal not to, they had it listed as fox and even have it scribbled on the masking tape wrapped around it which I have never seen but I guess it could maybe be pulled off :shrug: Anyway I am pretty sure its for a Speedway but was it specific...
  8. Iron Honky

    Iron Honky's crazy winter sale

    Well gonna rotate some of my parts that I didnt use last year. Rupp roadster gas tank with exhaust. Tank is in decent shape. Small ding in corner and some dings in cap. Some surface rust(nothing bad) inside. Exhaust has a dent in the inside side. It would need flange nipple. Asking $50 for...
  9. 5

    Great deal on 5hp exhaust system !!!

    Muffler for 5 HP Briggs Stratton Engine | eBay
  10. CmeBckKd

    To bore a stock carb or not?!

    I'm just learning about carbs and how to build up a motor. When should I consider getting my stock carb bored out? Besides the air filter and exhaust, what supporting mods do I need? How much performance is average on just boring the carb? How much do most shops charge to bore a stock carb?
  11. Iron Honky

    sensation go devil exhaust

    I have a exhaust off of a sensation go devil. Was painted light gray. I scrapped some off to see what the finish underneath was like. Looks to be chrome. It has some heavy pitting but is still usable. Asking $25 plus shipping. Just seeing if another member could use this.
  12. 1

    Predator 212 Exhaust

    Hi All, Could you please advise me on an aftermarket exhaust for the 212 Predator that looks cool but is fairly quiet? Minibikes aren't allowed at some of the car shows I attend and don't want to attract too much attention with it. Thanks!
  13. jeep4me

    Heald Super Bronc Exhaust

    I picked this exhaust up recently to use on another bike but it won't fit. Originally was a Heald Super Bronc. Flexible stainless steel tubing included. Nice, solid, usable condition. Both bosses have good threads. Asking $130 shipped. PayPal, USPS money order, or cash.
  14. jeep4me

    NOS Taylor Exhaust, slanted

    I have a NOS Taylor exhaust that will fit either a hs50, or hs40. I recently got this from another member not realizing it was for a motor that sits on a slant. Asking $100 shipped. PayPal preferred.
  15. capguncowboy

    Taylor Dog leg exhaust

    I need an exhaust for an HS40. It's going on a CAT Duster MX. This is going on a survivor bike, so I would prefer it not be dented or beat up, but rust is fine. Somthing like this:
  16. U

    Predator on Motovox mbx10 help?

    Thought I would put a predator on my 12 year old sons motovox for christmas. Anyone have a recommendation on the easiest mod for a newbie. I have looked at OldMiniBikes, they have different stage kits. I know the air intake and exhaust need to be replaced to fit the engine on the motovox. Any...
  17. we4amigos

    Mystery exhaust

    I had posted this in the engine section ( Tecumseh ) and was going to maybe fit it to my Manco Chopper . Someone mentioned it may be to a Scat Kitty ? I don't know what it's to as it was in a load of parts I bought,,but it does appear to mount to a Tec side popper and really is in like new...
  18. we4amigos

    Tecumseh exhaust ~side popper

    Bought a load of crap this weekend...some good..some?? Anyhow, there was this chrome exhaust that looked cool & useful in the mix. Got a chance to look it over last night and sure enough it looks like it'll bolt right up to my Tecumseh side popper I used on a Manco Chopper. Anyone ever seen...
  19. G

    Hi I'm new

    Hello I just joined this site! I have a completely stock old style db30 in red and in a few weeks I'm going to completely redo it with a predator and new paint and also a new exhaust! I'm pretty new to minibikes but I like them alot and looking to learn alot about them from this forum.
  20. Rapidrob

    Exhaust opinions please

    I just got this exhaust pipe from OMBWH ( Thanks for the very fast shipping) Knowing it would be too long for my mini bike. My options ate to cut the pipe back,weld on the thread adapter and use the "sausage" muffler,or weld on an adapter to bring up the diameter and use the clamp on muffler...