1. RideSF

    WTB Bonanza swing arm frame fork and fenders or roller

    Looking to buy a Bonanza BC1200/1300 for my son. Thanks OldMiniBikes forum!!
  2. buddy44

    1968 Taco 99 Frame

    1968 Taco 99 Frame for sale. Someone went a little drill happy on it plus the foot pegs need replacement and also the kickstand bracket. No cracked welds or re-welds. The serial number is a little obscured. Looks like 8A?687. Comes with your choice of either original Taco forks and swing...
  3. markus

    Larger bore Tec carb on small frame engines

    I bought a batch of HS40 angled intakes the other day and found this larger bore carb bolted onto one of them. It matched the paint on the intake and its gummed up and gooey in the bowl so it appears they did run it......of course all I got was the intake and carb so it might not have been good...
  4. L

    Fenders on an Azusa frame

    Hello, I have a standard Azusa frame, and I'm really tired of rocks flying up into my face. Since Azusa frames were never ment to have fenders on them, how could I modify the frame and/or fenders so they will go on the frame
  5. buddy44

    Lil Indian Chrome Frame

    Seven years ago I picked up a Llil Indian roller at a swap meet. Being chrome I wasn't sure if it came that way or if someone chromed it. I should mention that since I'm a Taco guy I really don't know much about Lil Indians. Recently I saw some discussion about serial numbers on this site and...
  6. B

    WANTED: Straight mini bike chopper frame and fork, complete or rolling.

    WANTED: Straight mini bike chopper frame and fork, complete or rolling. Looking for Powerdyne, Stella Blue Blazer or anything similar.
  7. Cap'n kanuckles

    db30 frame $75

    Frame in very nice shape, $75 you pay ship (I will ship cheap as possible, I will not inflate shipping cost.local pick up michigan.
  8. Cap'n kanuckles

    bronco mini bike frame

    Minibike frame in nice shape $120+shipping Plate on front of bike can be removed with 6 small screws,does not appear original
  9. J

    How To: Predator Tank Relocation for small Cat frame.

    Here is how I relocated my tank to fit in a Cat frame. I used a piece of 1.5" x 1.5" aluminum angle stock about 7" long. After measuring I figured a 2" offset would do. I used these mounting holes. Next I mounted the bracket and tank using some rubber washers for vibration. I may...
  10. radattt

    forks , frame, help , thanks

    75$ 8hp beauty
  11. CaptNugget

    Wards T555 frame???

    Sold one if my Owosso explorers that needed some work. In the deal I got a frame, I believe to be a Wards T555. It's smaller than the Wards Terrain Cycle I have. Just wanted to see if anyone could confirm this model Pondering, would it be cheaper to restore it original or do something fun...
  12. F

    drag mini frame

    looking for help on mild drag bike build something that looks neat with nice stance any input on type frame to start with -low dollar build -i have engine and a few parts-wood like something old and new thanks filup
  13. Cap'n kanuckles

    doodlebug minibike frame&parts

    Nice straight frame in good condition has been repainted.looking for 150 in pic not included.i have pretty much the complete bike looking to part it all out,let me know what you are looking for.
  14. R

    Easy way to ship and protect a Mini Bike or frame

    This is a cheap fix that works great when shipping a Mini Bike or frame \When ever i have to ship a bike i just go down to HOME DEPOT and purchase several pieces of plumbing Styrofoam tubular insulation,It comes in 6 Foot lengths at $1.50 a tube. You will need about 3-4 pieces to complete a...
  15. bikerboybenny8

    Rupp Frame w/ pit bike front end and rear swing with KT100

    sounds like a badass combo... anyone done anything similar? i just like the sound a two stroke makes.. am i alone in that?
  16. P

    '71 Speedway frame

    anyone need a nice Speedway frame?30 pack of Busch Light and it's yours.must pick up in Whitmore Lake,Mi.
  17. J

    What frame is this please?

    Can anyone help me identify this mini frame? I'm guessing Bonanza?
  18. MikeBear

    Fox Campus modified frame

    For sale, pickup only, Fox Campus somebody made into (or started) a 3 wheeler. Midland, MI area. Contact info and address given for serious buyers. $40.00. PM me. I could get more photos if you really want them, however it's EXACTLY as pictured, and there's nothing else that comes with it...
  19. Fatboy04

    The last Cat 300x frame

    For Sale Cat 300x frame only, one small repair that cleaned up nice. $60.00 plus shipping Located in Cedar Rapids Iowa for pickup, but will ship on your dime Pegs have rubber on them as does the scrub brake. Pay Pal as a friend will work just fine. THANKS
  20. gasser

    WTB: Drag frame

    Looking for a bare drag frame and fork or just bare frame. Let me know what you have and price.