1. Li'l Popeye

    Honda GX160 unconnected wire question.

    Hello, This picture shows an unconnected wire (with the red connector on it) It comes out of/leads to the flywheel side of the engine. It's not the coil/killswitch wire; that's the connected black one on top. All other wires are connected and have a purpose I'm aware of and everything...
  2. Z

    Baja Warrior with 11hp Honda

    Soooo I've picked up a Baja Warrior with this 11hp Honda on it. It has no chain, clutch, TQ or anything. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get it moving. I see that there are some TAV2's on Ebay that claim to be able to handle up to 11hp, but idk about that. That's one option. Another...
  3. DeadPixel

    84 Honda ATC 200 carb for 196 clone?

    Has any one tried using a carb from a 3 or 4 wheeler? My brother has a few ATC200 motors and noticed the carbs are mikuni's. I know these motors make around 9-10 HP so thought it should be around the right size for our motors. The carbs are cheep at around $20-$30 and I might be able to pick a...
  4. gumpit

    1974 Honda XL70 lights

    All my lights work. But stop lighting and blinking if I rev it up. When the rpms come back down they light and blink again. Thoughts
  5. K

    1983 Honda Motra

    I'm on here because my husband showed up with a 1983 Honda Motra CT50 and I cannot find much information on the web. He was mainly interested in their average value. I can post pictures later today. Thanks, Kat
  6. U

    1981 Honda Motra CT50J

    My neighbor wants to sell his Motra because it smokes and he does not have the time to fix it. I would buy it but I have enough junk already. 1981 Honda Motra CT50 | eBay
  7. T

    Vintage Honda 50 thinking about buying

    I found on Caigslist a vintage Honda 50 thank I am thinking about purchasing. The owner wants $300.00 for it and said that it did run 2 years ago but hasn't started it since. What is this bike worth? How is it trying to get parts for it. He said that it was missing an air clearer. Thanks...
  8. C

    Honda Clone Gy6 Engine

    I wanted to know about the ICEBEAR MADDOG GENERATION IV Scooter? I have heard it both ways, Does this Scooter come with Gy6 engine. One company that sells it, MegaMadness says it comes with the Gy6. Does anyone know for sure. I do not want to buy a Scooter without the Gy6 engine. Thank you for...
  9. superflea

    Thinking hats for 8 HP Honda

    I have an 8 HP Generac pressure washer. It starts up fine and works for about 20 minutes and then shuts off like you turned it to off. It starts right back up and will go maybe 5 minutes and then does the same thing. After that I get maybe 1-2 minutes at most, each cycle. I drained the fuel...
  10. drstoez

    Honda Gyro S

    Came across this bike today, all original, 330 miles, $700. Any advice? Thinking about adding it to my fleet
  11. D

    MA. Project Clark Cyclops. Honda GC160 engine. Torque converter.

    Newer build. Replaced jackshaft. Brake on left side. sprocket on right. new tubes with newer tires. new tank. Still needs rear brake cable. $500 or best offer.
  12. mini one

    1974 z50 honda in Little Falls NY

    200. 0bo Seems reasonable, no?
  13. gumpit

    Fox Thunderbolt next to my Honda XL70

    Fix Thunderbolt vs. Honda XL70 Pretty close but the Thunderbolt is just a little bigger. The Thunderbolt is fun and ready for Windber.But I love my new XL70. I was at a swapmeet yesterday and picked up another. I took the rear fender bracket off it and the two side reflectors and then I have...
  14. J

    1994 Honda ct 70 -270 original miles -$2,500

    Bike has been sold
  15. K

    WTB Honda gx160 crankshaft, straight.

    Need a Honda gx160 straight shaft crankshaft. Thanks. OEM preferred.

    Clone 13hp vs Honda GX390

    My current project called " THE OX " will be a 2 wheel drive minibike it will be my version of a over built rokon with more horsepower and a better suspension. At the cost of being heavier I want to use this vehicle to explore in areas that most vehicles can't get to so it occurred to me that...
  17. jaimenv

    Honda trx70 atv trike conversion.

    Got me a 1986 mostly corroded Honda trx70 atv for 15 bucks out the local scrap recycler. Wonder if any one have ever converted one of this to a trike from a 4 wheeler. The front lower frame is just gone from rust. So are the wheels. I am going to give the engine a once over and see if I get...
  18. O

    49cc Honda push rod engine unusual serial number

    Hi, I am new to the forum so thanks in advance for accepting me. I mainly collect and tinker with old cars now as my health has taken a turn and my wife tells me I am too old to ride anymore. I am building a small bike for my grandson and I picked up this Honda engine that I can not find...
  19. ericrg3

    1972 Honda SL70 wiring harness!!!

    I have a 72 Honda sl70 k2 & I am in need of a complete wiring harness, battery tray, chain guard and a front fender. If someone has one available for sale, please contact me. Thanks!!!
  20. Davis

    Honda gx160 questions

    I'm installing a gx160 in a cat 400x and my questions are I bought a stage one kit from OldMiniBikes and I'm not sure about installing the advanced timing key as I've heard the gx160 was already advanced and dunno if I should use the 140 emulsion tube in it or stay stock and I am installing #18 valve...