1. C

    Is This a Cat 400TS?

    Hi all, I just bought this frame. It will be my first venture into the mini bike world let alone my first build. I'm curious about what I actually bought. Is this a HPE Muskin Cat 400TS? If it is, it looks like they removed the jack shaft tabs and brake tabs. The frame has been primered...
  2. scootercat

    HPE Muskin Throttle

    HPE Muskin Twist throttle with matching"Gran Torismo" grips....$100.00 shipped USPS 3 Day PayPal
  3. slywilliez

    FS HPE CAT Endura R4010 WOW

    Up for sale is the unicorn of HPE CAT endure R410. This is a complete roller sporting the original Red fiber glass body. The bike has no reweld and the fork have no bends at all. The motor plate slots have been extended and the will need repaired. The bike has a coffin cat tank under the red...
  4. slywilliez

    1970 Cat HPE Slingshot

    I am selling my Cat sling shot that I bought awhile ago but never got around to it. The slingshot is a great survivor but will need some TLC. The Good, original motor has spark and good compression, NOS muffler too. Bike has the original chain guard and mounting brackets, complete rear disc...
  5. C

    HPE Muskin Cat handle bars

    I'm hoping someone out there in OldMiniBikes land has handle bars for a HPE Muskin Cat(the bolt on style) Any help is greatly appreciated! Steve.:thumbsup:
  6. robs52s

    1972 Cat R4001 HPE Muskin

    For sale 1972 hpe Muskin Cat 4001. Haven't started it in a couple years, been sitting in my garage, ran great last time I ran it, carburetor will probably need to be cleaned since it hasn't ran in so long. Missing fenders and clutch cover, everything else is there. Asking $350 or best offer.
  7. smwtnbndr

    HPE Muskin-Scat Tracker REBUILD

    So I've had this project for a couple and making some progress. I have never logged a build all the way through, usually just when it is near completed. My son and I picked this one up on Craigslist. Fiberglass had some issues and needed attention. Luckily at work we have worked with some...
  8. smwtnbndr

    HPE Muskin Scat-Tracker BELT HELP NEEDED

    Okay, this is the latest project. Everything on the torque converter and motor looks to be original. I am looking to replace the belt. It is a Horstman torque converter. Driver unit is 4 1/2" diameter. Driven is 7" diameter. This is a symmetrical unit. Belt reads CAT MINI BIKES HPE MUSKIN...
  9. G

    HPE Muskin Cat 400 ts

    I came across an HPE Muskin Cat 400 ts a few years ago and I'm now starting to work on it. What I need is a parts list/schematic on the bike as it was in pieces when I picked it up. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. C

    Is this a real HPE Muskin throttle??

    I remember reading something about them having lines so I think this is the real deal but I wanna make sure..
  11. Incajeep

    HPE Muskin R4005 Endura

    Found this one on CL. So far I've removed the paint, welded a small crack in the engine plate, straightened the forks, and painted it dark blue/flat black. Next, I'll be heading to JoAnn Fabric to source materials for a seat. Have quite a few goodies on the way from OldMiniBikes.
  12. K

    Brand New Dune Cat Bodies Now Available

    Hi All, I'd like to introduce my company and product. My name is Shafi and I have started a company for my daughters called 2 Sisters Keisler. The company's mission is to provide niche products and services to the enthusiast market. I own and operate a manufacturing and sales company for...
  13. H

    Cat (HPE) parts still needed:

    The last time I tried this, I ended up with another mini bike, lol but I still need: Cat coffin tank- the plastic one. Got it Cat chain guard- the long one with the tail piece. Cat front fender for Hustler, but I can modify a regular fender if price is right. Got it Cat rear fender for...
  14. IMG_20120817_150654


    Muskin w/ Bonanza Bc 1300 Front end
  15. IMG_20120817_150630


    Muskin w/ Bonanza Bc 1300 Front end
  16. IMG_20120817_150616


    Muskin w/ Bonanza Bc 1300 Front end
  17. IMG_20120817_150607


    Muskin w/ Bonanza Bc 1300 Front end
  18. IMG_20120817_150552


    Muskin w/ Bonanza Bc 1300 Front end
  19. IMG_20120817_150535


    Muskin w/ Bonanza Bc 1300 Front end
  20. IMG_20120817_150511


    Muskin w/ Bonanza Bc 1300 Front end