Coleman TAV Kit


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I've had a lot of requests for instructions and information on our TAV Kit for the Coleman Bikes, old style DB30's and others.

I did this quickly on a bike that already had been TAV'd and when I get a another Hemi or do a crank swap on the other Coleman I have, a more complete write up will be finished with details on speed increase, tools required, etc.

Overall, this is a bolt on kit that does not modify your frame, and allows you to use your stock chain guard on the Coleman Bikes (TBD on others).

This is a Stage 1 Kit with Torque Converter, and currently only for the CT200U - but the exhaust pipes should be done this week for the other bikes and then those will be available. The other exhausts will include straight pipes with clamp on RLV Mufflers and then the regular screw in Briggs type.

I'm sure some of you have seen this and have already used it, but looking forward to more input.