1. P

    OldMiniBikes Warehouse order

    OldMiniBikes Warehouse order.... THANK YOU! I am new here and needed some parts. I was recommended to use the OldMiniBikes warehouse. I must say, it is a nice website with great goodies! But the communication was just not there... I ordered some stuff and made the mistake on the throttle assembly. I wanted...
  2. bigevilone2

    Bonanza MX gas tank PREPAID ORDER

    Ok. I have two shells coming from Mac. One tank is already paid for and I can make the other one at the same time. If nobody is interested in this last tank, I won't make it.( i have made these in the past for people that said they wanted them but at the last minute cancelled on me) Price is...
  3. M

    Trouble with Brandt at Rupp Parts

    Am I the only one??? Rupp Parts, Brandt, took my PayPal $$$ on 9/8 and no word since; he doesn't answer the phone (636 931 7330), has not returned e-mails!! Does anybody know more about him??
  4. creia

    OldMiniBikes warehouse- first order experience

    In a word- STELLAR!:thumbsup: The lady at the ordering department was very helpful and patient as I had a lot of questions (just like I do on this forum!):blink: Their parts were very reasonably priced and they shipped them that day. I would most certainly order again!:drinkup:
  5. joekd

    My first OldMiniBikes order

    Needed a new band brake, decided to give OldMiniBikes a try since it helps the site out Not only was the price great but they shipped out the very next day and sent over tracking information immediatly Best part is when I got my package in it included a oldminibikes.com decal!
  6. New world Order, as everday news.. CNN,

    New world Order, as everday news.. CNN,

    What the :censure: Not even ten years ago you were a nut-job if ya mentioned a "New World Order" now the bastards throw it around on CNN like it's every day news.. :shrug: Today in "Project World Enslavement" .... :mellow: Kadafi this and invade here and what the :censure: is...
  7. S

    So I order 3 master links from Northern Tool...

    So I order 3 master links from Northern Tool via internet, for $2.50 apiece. What shows up? 3 boxes of 25 apiece. :out: So I got $187.50 worth of links for $7.50 :devil2:Having said that, I already have it arranged with the local NT manager to return the extras :innocent:in return for all the...
  8. C

    Piston Ring Order

    I got a new set of rings for my 5hp briggs, and the instructions said that the middle comp. ring has a dot on it to denote that it points upward. Well guess what?, Lol, there was no dot..... Does the thicker solid ring go on top or in the middle? And does the one with the sorta ridge around the...
  9. M

    GoKart Supply on-line belt order

    I have a Belt for a Comet clutch ordered from GoKart on-line, it has been back ordered. Is there anywhere else that sells Comet cltcuh parts?
  10. S

    Best place to order 4.5" band brake?

    Where is the best place to order a 4.5" band brake? The only place I have found wants more to ship it than the part costs.
  11. jesse8931

    Any one ever order from

    honda east toledo ? it took then 10 days to ship 4 things i just wanted to know if anyone else had this issue
  12. O

    Anyone order from www.psep.biz? (HS40 rebuild questions)

    I'm looking to order a rebuild kit for my HS40 here's the kit (RBLD153): Tecumseh Rebuild Kit Does this kit come with everything I need? I'm looking to do a complete rebuild and I'm afraid that I'll order it to find out its missing the sidecover crank seals or something. I mainly need...