1. edwin

    tachhometer for drag racing

    Sendec fast tach with hour meter and rpm recall , a must for drag racers....brand new in package. Asking $55 shipped located in so cal
  2. PacMule

    Flat Track Dirt Racing

    Is anybody doing any flat track dirt racing in the michigan area or close to ???
  3. dirt

    Dupor 196cc OHV Racing Engine

    i was looking for a blue clone to shelf. i found these for $99.00 Dupor 196cc OHV Racing Engine Piston is .008" to .012" in the hole yielding a low 27cc combustion chamber volume - great compression Ruxing Carb with adjustable idle mixture screw* .039" butterfly and .117" throttle shaft -...
  4. edwin

    motorized bike racing vids

    look !! theres more guys racing these things than the minibike guys. wow!! new thing maybe??? at least in ca. YouTube - ‪Motor Bicycle Race‬‏ YouTube - ‪Motorized bicycle race Willow Springs June 18, 2011‬‏ YouTube - ‪Willow Springs Raceway 6/18/11 - 2 Stroke group 2 first...
  5. Clayon

    What lawn tractors are good racing candidates?

    Can anybody tell me what lawn tractors are good racing mower candidates? I was thinking about picking one up, but wanna know the ones that have the least mods to do to them. Any ideas? I won't actually be racing it, but I will be cruising it around the gravel roads and town, and I like to go fast.
  6. mc73cromags

    vintage minibike racing

    This is a video of some vintage minibike racing in the northeast. It got real muddy due to rain! YouTube - ‪DSC 1284‬‏
  7. Thunderdrome Ben

    Thunderdrome III in Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Hey everybody, this is Ben from the Thunderdrome! We're coming up on our second race of the season and I wanted to make sure everyone here knew about it. We'll be racing all motor classes (including my new personal favorite -- minibikes) next Sunday, June 12th at the Gilmore Car Museum outside...
  8. mmisterbungl

    DB Front racing tire - 8"

    This is the same tire that AGK carried (maybe they still do?) Plenty of tread left, no cracks or damaged surfaces anywhere. Comes with hardware needed to mount front brake caliper on fork, minus one stock DB spacer, which you should have already on your bike. the other spacers are custom cut...
  9. Casey Davis

    Phil Little Racing Mini Bikes

    Phil Little Racing - Vintage Mini Race Body - The Wedge These look like fun. Anyone here on OldMiniBikes have one?

    NR racing GX200 GX160 camshaft 285-0607

    Like new NR cam 285 0607. Has maybe 3 hours run time, 30 minutes of which was on the bench with 12lb springs for break-in as recommended by NR. Combine with a ported head to make 15+ HP $75 shipped to 48 states. Or pick it up 20 min north of the D for $70. Comes in original NR box PM if...
  11. R

    RACESENG in the Grand Am Rolex Cup racing series!!!

    Hey Guys, thought you all would be interested to know the same high performance parts from Raceseng that are powering your minibikes and karts can also be found on the Marsh Racing / Whelen Motorsports Grand Am Rolex series Corvettes as well! i just posted up some pictures and a great...
  12. novanick63

    4cycle racing clutch

    Horstman MDC racing clutch adjustable stall good clutch has a 13 tooth gear $100 Call or Text (928) 846-5919
  13. MarksA-C

    NOS Racing Slick

    For sale I have a never used Cheng Shin racing slick. Its 4.10/3.50-5 size. So fits a 5" rim. 4 ply rating. Would like $15 for it + shipping. :hammer:
  14. mc73cromags

    ACRMX vintage minibike motocross racing, NY NJ DE PA CT

    Hey guys, just wanted to give a heads up to you guys, acrmx vintage racing is starting up soon. They have a pre75 miniclass geared for old minibikes, The first race is may 21st in nesco nj. Check their web site for info, its looks like it should be alot fun. There are 5 races this year at some...
  15. Evilution

    !970's Fox Racing Street Scamp

    1970s fox racing street scamp Not mine, just lookin' out.
  16. maddcarson

    Two stroke racing clutch

    I got this 2 stroke racing clutch off of my tony kart that i got from a friend. I have no use for the clutch. I have no clue what brand, how it works? its in good condition and Someone could probably identify it. I found it on the seat of the Kart so i dont know if its stock or a aftermarket...
  17. Chain Linkin

    Any-one out there from Windsor ON?

    Hey every-one, I'm not new to Winsdor but I am officially a pernament resident now and I need to find a spot/ people to ride with. I race back home against some good friends and would like to get something like home going here. I've seen a guy at Malden but that's all. :shrug: Who...
  18. NJmike

    Looking to start minibike drag racing in nj

    any one interested in minibike drag racing in NJ i have a GREAT SPOT for it
  19. 5

    Minibike Racing !!!!!

    YouTube - Ice Racing Mini Bikes
  20. joekd

    WTB racing kart

    The time has come to admit the Manco kart is way too overpowered for the chassis and brakes. It's a blast to drive but safety is starting to be a major concern. Planning to put back the stock 6.5 clone to this kart then take the NR racing motor and all it's goodies to a chassis worthy of the...