1. agent001

    Lil Blue rides again

    Cleaned out the garage and found this ol girl sitting in the corner. This was the 1st db I ever rebuilt. When I bought it for $20 off cl it was a frame, wheels, 3.5hp anchor, and a bungee cord. I think it was around 2012 when I built it... never added the cool kidney bean double tank I had...
  2. R

    1974 Rupp Rat in good condition. Runs and rides great!

    1974 Rupp Rat in good condition. Mostly original but new rear tires, bottom seat cover and foot peg rubbers. Runs and rides great! Located in Canon City, Colorado. $1500
  3. Daniel Coop

    Denver organized, but informal mini bike group rides.

    Hey y'all! Not much in my neck of the woods as far as mini bike events, so another buddy, who moved out here from Compton CA started a FB page and group called MBN (Mini Bike Nation) and we've been organizing some pretty regular and legit group rides in and around Downtown Denver. We meet up...
  4. 2

    Local rides and or clubs

    I was simply wanting to know if there was anyone in Kentucky that knows of MB clubs or events?
  5. deejaaa

    Post Up Vids of Your Rides.....

    don't post much here anymore but i took a vid of a short ride today down the neighborhood. post up yours if ya get a chance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cSHI-jgBwA&feature=em-upload_owner 13 hp honda, TAV, a few orhers but can't remember. Hey deejaaa, It looks like it's been a while...
  6. B

    Rare Trike......BUT, no free rides.

    Motorized Drift Trike
  7. Jimmy Gmz

    My rides

    Coleman ct 200u and Manco thunderbird.
  8. Jamie1972

    2016 Windber rides

    Let's see your 2016 Windber parade and campground riders...!!
  9. Not so mini bike


    What is the rides feature for? The space right under feedback on your profile. I clicked on it and it said I did t have permission
  10. David wulf

    Let's see your windber rides

    So let's see the bikes y'all are taking to windber for your personal rides and parade rides . Here mine .
  11. balphegor

    new south dakota member

    Hi everyone, just finally reaching out to this community for advice and ideas and to share my projects. If there are any other in the south Dakota area looking to hook up and check out each other's rides feel free to contact me. This is my #1 hobby so looking forward to hanging out here...
  12. jeep4me

    Flea market Cat

    Picked up this little Cat this morning at the flea market. Not sure which model though. Runs and rides good.
  13. Iron Honky

    Scat Cat sc-415 find

    Picked this vintage Taiwan bike today. We pretty much picked it up for a decent beater bike for the trails of windber. Its not perfect but almost 100% original. Runs and rides. Shocks are a little spongy but look who is sitting on it :laugh:.
  14. mini one

    Sears Roper

    Going to sell one (or more) to help restore another... New tires, newer 5HP Tecumsah & wheels, runs and rides great. You can check out pics on CL Albany NY 275.00 OBO
  15. C

    New York rides

    I live in New York and was wondering if there were any rides or get-togethers in summer 2015 (I'm going to be 14 by then) I have a 2009 FireHawk minibike and i'm going to get a torque converter soon.
  16. SimpleTom

    A couple new rides

    That my brother in law picked up. :doah: He was set up at Jefferson car show/swap and bought these two. One is a Muskin Tri Cat and the other is a Montgomery Wards/CESTAD. The Tri Cat body won't sit correctly because of the gas tank but that's an easy fix and it has the wrong front wheel...
  17. 5

    Nice rides for sale

    Kids Go Karts | eBay
  18. oldfatguy

    Mrs. oldfatguy rides a mini bike

    :laugh::laugh::laugh:Well almost :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: 081_zps3254fc0e.mp4 Video by oldfatguy | Photobucket
  19. james c

    alsport/steven durham rides again!

    trike found this pic of a alsport and steves pic on craigslist
  20. B

    Tracking my Rides

    I think I went a little too far. BUT, It's secure and useful. Now i can track my rides, speed, and listen to music with ease. I think it looks pretty cool too. For tracking my speed, I use "Speedview" on the Android App Market. It's free. For tracking my distance and mapping my rides, i...