1. BruceTheCat

    How long should shaft bolt for predator 212 be ?

    Hey there Im rebuilding my mini bike and I have a torque converter and I lost the bolt that goes into the engine shaft. know that the bolt is a 5/16 24 but i don't know how long it should be for a torque converter set up. Does anyone know?
  2. K

    predator 212 shaft size

    my gf burned the box and idk what clutch with which bore to get. please help
  3. A

    Coleman CT200U 5/8" shaft TAV install

    Just completed a Chinese TAV install on a Coleman CT200U with a 5/8" crankshaft. Some say it can't be done, but I did it.
  4. J

    Combining a torque converter and a jack shaft.

    Looks like most TC's come with short output shaft and its own bearings. How hard is it to replace their shaft with a long one with pillow block bearing so I have a shaft to mount brakes and easier options on sprocket alignments? I know I will loose the ability to do more gearing options like...
  5. Doc1976

    torque converter on a tapered shaft?

    So I am in the planning stages of a Tule trooper I picked up a while back, and trying to figure out the power train. I've got my heart set on using an 8 horse flathead briggs with a torque converter. the problem is that the only ones that ever pop up in my area are on generators, and I believe...
  6. cambo61

    F/S (2) Go Power 6" aluminum 5/8" shaft front wheels

    I've had these restored pieces too long and it's time to let them go. I want $90 + ins/ship each which is more than fair considering they are fully restored. Ships from (32952). These were disassembled, blasted, and powdercoated with a very close high gloss gold. New 5/8' bearings and new...
  7. S

    Honda GX240 1" unkeyed threaded shaft $225 obo

    Starts on first pull, runs excellent and very smooth. located in Fraser, Mi 48026. I can drain it and ship it, but you would have to pay for shipping.
  8. S

    Honda GX240 1" unkeyed threaded shaft $225 obo

    Starts on first pull, runs great and very smooth. I can drain it and ship it, but you will have to pay for shipping. Located in fraser, Michigan 48026
  9. K

    Motor upgrade to 1" Shaft - Torque Converter Question

    I'm upgrading a 8hp Robin motor to a HF VTwin 670cc motor, the shaft is now 1" instead of the Robins 3/4. It has a TAV30 torque converter on it now. Can I but just the Driver/Driven Clutch side of the TAV40 that is 1" and keep the reset of the torque converter the same?
  10. J

    Hex shaped shaft

    I just picked up a pressure washer with a 3.5hp Tecumseh engine. Tore it down to use engine on my grandson's mini bike a baja dirt bug. Well, the shaft ended up being an inch long hex shaped horizontal shaft. Has anyone delt with this before, if so how. I want to put a centrifugal clutch on...
  11. Coleman CT100U tav

    Coleman CT100U tav

    Coleman CT100 tav, CVT, torque converter
  12. Coleman CT100U chain guard mod

    Coleman CT100U chain guard mod

    Coleman CT100 tav, CVT, torque converter
  13. Coleman CT100U chain guard bracket

    Coleman CT100U chain guard bracket

    Coleman CT100 tav, CVT, torque converter
  14. Woody212

    2 speed engine clutch 5/8" shaft

    Rebuilding a Super 2 Speed and need the engine clutch. Not pick on brand/style. Thanks
  15. piglet

    Crankshaft drill and tap guide

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has one to sell or knows where to buy one. OldMiniBikes warehouse no longer has them and I have a project on hold till I get one. Any help would awesome thanks.
  16. Midyrman

    Bonanza BC Jack Shaft etc

    Looking for an original jack shaft set up for a BC bike midpeg. Jack shaft length of 9 3/8ths inch length. Sprockets for #35 chain. And if you have a pair of original, installable and functional bearings that would be ideal. Let me know if you also have an original sprocket for the larger...
  17. mainsalad

    jack shaft wanted for 1970's allis chalmers trail 5

    I'm looking for a jack shaft for a 1970's allis chalmers trail 5..the one without the headlight. with the driven clutch and centrifugal clutch a plus. thanks for your time.
  18. Dr. Shop Teacher

    WTB: Lil Indian Model 600 Jack Shaft Plate

    My search for the last remaining part continues. PM'd several sources and have struck out. If you have a "spare" Model 600 jackshaft plate/assembly, pm me if you're interested in letting it go. Repop or original.
  19. C

    Fox Thunderbolt Jack Shaft set up

    I am working on a rebuild of a Fox Thunderbolt. The bike was a basket case with the jackshaft pieces in a bag. Which way do the bearings install? From the outside or the inside? There is a spacer bushing that I think went under the frame to space the sprocket away from the frame. I have a...
  20. B

    Bonanza Jack Shaft

    Any body running a Jack shaft on their Bonanza MC 250 Scout. Got pictures?