1. CLH

    Forestry Service Approved Spark Arrestor Muffler

    Looking for a forestry service approved muffler with a spark arrestor like a Taylor muffler or a Nelson muffler. Just needs the "US forestry service approval" stamp on it. 3/4 inch threads needed, no smaller or bigger. Thank you, reply or send me a PM.
  2. drenchedgremlin

    Can someone help me with the rotary spark ignition tester?

    I am feeling kind of confused at the moment. Trying to test the spark & coil for a briggs that i am trying to get running. I have the rotary spark tester. When i follow the instructions for step #1: "to check plug wire magneto/coil", & turn the engine over, The red light only comes on. There is...
  3. J

    Spark plug?!?!

    I have 2 new to me db30's each has the 97cc stock motor. They are from different previous owners and each have a different spark plug. I've seen that most seem to recommend a ngk bpmr6a. Well napa near me doesn't have those and said the champion cross ref for those is a cj7y. Is that...
  4. C

    9 n.o.s tecumseh spark arrester muffler

    I have 9 nos mufflers and the display box. Willing to separate them up. Can bring down to windber. $30 each or $270 for the set plus shipping.
  5. OND

    Tecumseh Spark Arrestor Exhaust

    Just like the title says , original Tec. spark arrestor it does have some surface pitting and a few dings but is still a good solid piece. $50.00 shipped to the lower 48 only. First PM gets it !
  6. gwoods27

    WTB Tecumseh Taylor Spark Arrestor for HS50

    Looking for a Taylor 200 Spark Arrestor for HS50 (non slant mounted)
  7. R

    Predator 212 intermittent spark?

    I went through three pages of posts (plus a forum search) and didn't see this topic, but please feel free to tell me if this has been covered elsewhere. Brand new Predator 212 mounted and ran for about 45 min. to an hour. Max speed set to about 6MPH so it can break in gently. Motor is mounted...
  8. Ding Ding

    WTB: Taylor spark arrestor cap & screen only

    Looking for a Taylor model 100 spark arrestor cap and screen only. I have the pipe I need, but I need the screen and cap for it. I'd even be interested in the (2) screws if you have them. Black finish preferred, will entertain chrome finish. Thanks ~Mike
  9. smudvapor

    Spark plug wire question

    Can you replace the spark plug wire on the coil or do you have to replace the entire coil?
  10. R

    Spark plug piston clearance issue

    Howdy all, Just checking to see if this is common or not. I am building a gx200 clone. Had .065 taken off the head, chamber measures 15cc. However, it was obvious when I was cc'ing the head, the stock Chinese spark plug was protruding quite a bit below the deck of the head, about .045. I...
  11. K

    Not a nice surprise - Baja 196cc MB165 motor spark plug socket stripped

    I picked up a cheap $200 baja mb165, he said the engine just needed a tune up. The bike was in bad shape, but I was going to strip it down in parts and hide them in a cabinet from my wife. I Decided to donate a rebuilt MB165 mini bike to a family we know that the two boys father was a...
  12. T-Town Mini

    E3 Spark Plug

    Has anyone tried using an E3 Spark Plug in their mini bike engines? E3.22 Spark Plug | E3 Spark Plugs I installed an E3.22 in my Predator last summer and it performed really well. Yesterday, since it was so warm (80°) I decided to go for a ride and pulled my Clonanza out of the...
  13. cfrewilly

    Spark plug location 5 hp B/S flatheads

    Has anyone ever relocated the spark plug to a more centered location in the head? I have seen on other model B/S the plugs are in different locations in the head.
  14. E

    Spark Arrestor

    Anyone know if the RLV or B&S hotdog mufflers have a spark arrestor? I just found out that I need one on my mini bike to use the public trails around here. :doah:
  15. Racer

    Briggs and Stratton 2hp No Spark

    Minibikers It sat for one year and started before that. It's a Model 61200. How do you determine whether there are points under the flywheel? There's a kill switch wire running into general area. Have shroud off. Will track down kill switch wire. Why is kill switch wire bare no...
  16. C

    WTB-Tecumseh HS40 Spark Wire Clip

    Need clip(s) for spark plug high-tension lead. 1970 HS40
  17. Evil Tweety Bird

    The basics and what a spark plug can tell you, or Here's your sign!

    I've been reading up on a lot of the threads here, and I don't know, but maybe because I was raised by a bunch of gearheads, something that was beat into to me by anyone I learned from was to always check the basics first when you have a problem. And if you have an engine running problem...
  18. J

    68 Rupp TT500 spark plug boot or open

    Anyone know if the 68 Rupp TT500 spark plug had a plug boot or not from the factory? I remember my fathers lawnmower from 67 or 68 with a Tecumseh and the plug had no boot. If you look up Tecumseh 65151h diagram, Rupp engine, it doesnt show a boot. Any input or comments are appreciated.
  19. gwoods27

    WTB Tecumseh Taylor Spark Arrestor for HS50

    Looking for this Tecumseh Taylor Spark Arrestor:

    Tecumseh spark question

    I have h50 which is lighted. When I hold spark plug clip by itself to finger no spark When turning motor over. When I hold spark plug clip in hand and touch with finger while resting hand on engine block clip has spark to my finger. Is there a ground problem? Why would this be happening. Note...