Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. H

    What kind of Mini bike is this?

    Can anyone help me find out what brand of mini bike this is?
  2. M

    What is this?

    I got my neighbor interested in mini bikes and he brought this Frame home?
  3. Newoldstock

    Can you read this?

    I think I am no longer a ghost. Well if you can read this its nice to be posting again. I have been trying to get in touch with Astrowrench. Does anyone here have a phone number I can reach him at? He went quiet on the email front and I was wondering about him.
  4. M

    What's this?

    Not sure, but I kinda like it.
  5. M

    What kind of clutch is this?

    Can so one tell me what kind of clutch is this and is any thing I should know about it?
  6. M

    Any one with a motovox am I right about this?

    is this a motovox sprocket it came on my Db30 when got it.
  7. 5

    Anyone else see this?

    Guinness World Record-Longest trip on a Mini-Bike. - YouTube
  8. K

    What brand / model mini bike is this?

    Hey first post! I am trying to restore this mini bike I played with as a kid. The only things I added were the sissy bar and gas/drink rack in the back (see red arrows). I also added the two rear foot pegs. This is a large mini bike compared to some that look like it and are much...
  9. RichParker2945

    What is this?

    Just picked this up to restore. Can't find anything like it online anywhere! Thanks!
  10. Roadsterpu

    What type of carb is this?

    I have this carb on my Briggs I/C 5hp motor. What kind is it? What does the lower adjustment screw do? What does screwing it in do vs screwing it out? Thanks in advance.
  11. LSCustoms

    What is this?

    have this laying around and want to get rid of it. figured I should try and figure out what it is, so i know what to call it other than unwanted! thanks
  12. R

    Any help in identifying this?

    I purchased two of these mini bikes. They are identical in every way so I assume they were made by a company at one time. Trying to get them identified so I can get parts.
  13. cdoublejj

    what engine is this? is it a Honda clone?

    what engine is this? is it a Honda clone? I figured if i knew what engine it is i could order a carb kit online for cheap.
  14. G

    What is this?

    Anybody know what year, make, model this is? Thanks!
  15. D

    What size head is this?

    Just ripped apart a GX160 only to find the head looks exactly the same size as the Predator 212 head I have. I was under the impression the GX160 had either a 14cc or 18cc. Left is GX head, right Predator
  16. C

    what is this?

    I think this is a fox. not sure what model.:shrug:
  17. myjunk

    So.... would your wife allow this?

    I am in the process of restoring a Rupp Go Joe. I finished painting it a little while ago, since it is cold up here in Michigan i needed a place to allow the paint to "cure". I had it in my heated shop for a few days after painting , but soon needed to do other things so it needed to be moved...
  18. minibikekid

    What kind of mini is this?

    My buddy picked up this mini and we are trying to find out any info on it.
  19. SouthernTechGuy

    What size chain is this?

    Came off a old chinese dirt bike I need to know what size master link I should get.
  20. R

    is it supposed to be like this?

    When the 3.5 tecumseh engine is running- well the chain is moving- I had the mini bike on a stand and at idle the rear tire was spinning- AND- i could hear like a bell sound (like a ringing)coming from the front sprocket area- when I took the chain off- the ringing sound stopped- I could not (...