1. doug

    GX 200 Smoothness

    I’ve been curious if Honda has less vibration and runs smoother than a Predator or a clone? How about a Tillitson?
  2. Van Alphen TAV2-30 performance upgrade.jpg

    Van Alphen TAV2-30 performance upgrade.jpg

    Performance upgrade designing for clone TAV2-30 series clutch. Design by: John van Alphen, Netherlands. Zero vibration?!
  3. 20190601_133112.jpg


    TAV 2-30 driver weights. Signs of vibration cause?
  4. K

    Motovox Predator 212cc Build. Original Tank Modded To Work. Vibration Issue Fixed!!

    Here is my motovox mbx10 build. Perfect spot for the gas fill!!! New seat. Old one was cracked. All new controls Including Hydraulic Brakes. Here is how I modded the original tank to work. All I did was bend the original mounting brackets 90 degrees and bolted them to a old scrap piece of...
  5. Raskin

    stop nuts from falling off due to vibration

    Just got tired of losing fine thread nuts vibrating off and hunting down new ones no matter how tight even using lock washer? Put a piece of shrink tubing on end of bolt after puting nut may loosen but wont fall off..thought I'd share tip i thought of yesterday :thumbsup: funny title...
  6. V

    Teeth rattling vibration on new build

    I bought a Doodlebug, bought a Predator 212, got the install kit, and put it all together grinning from ear to ear. Fired that baby up and let her warm up a bit, jumped on, gave her some gas and the vibration taking off is horrible! After the clutch full engages it's just fine but taking...
  7. R

    Dampen Engine Vibration CT200?

    Really enjoying my Coleman CT200. I have about 500 acres of woods and groves behind me that I ride in...When my bike is warmed up the engine vibration at idle when stopped is pretty bad. Like the whole bike heavily vibrating to the top of the handlebars. I'm thinking of putting a high density...
  8. N


    Just finished building my Azusa kit, 6.5hp predator, tourqe converter, stage 3 carb and straight pipe exhaust. The only problem is terrible vibration, I have the motor mounted on rubber spacers. Any ideas?
  9. BWL

    Vibration issues solved but lost compression!
  10. BWL

    Gasket Suck, and Shims & Studs | Massive Vibration Problems
  11. danford1

    Engine Vibration Iinsulators

    I have an old Cat with a 3hp Tecumseh. I want to isolate the engine vibrations from getting to the frame. The engine is just hard mounted to the steel plate with bolts like most minbikes. I tried adding some vibration pucks used for air compressors under the engine. They work great at...
  12. Aircooled

    vibration issue

    Hi Guys, I have a question regarding vibration. When I get on the bike and gas it, it tends to vibrate up front until it smooths out. Has anyone experienced this, and could it be as simple as a wheel, or wheels being out of balance....or a a tire out of round. I'm just trying to apply my...
  13. Sixpac440

    HS50 Tec Vibration

    I have a 1979/80 HS50 Tec from a snow blower on my Bonanza. With the governor working it is OK. With the governor bypassed and the revs up the motor vibrates pretty bad through the handle bars. By comparison I have a 1970 Hilltopper with a H50 that seems pretty smooth with the governor...
  14. J

    Bad vibration when accelerating

    Ok I just ran into a problem when I had my 14th max torque clutch my cousin who is 130 sad the bike would vibrate a lot like really bad, but when I rode it it wouldn't viberate, but I just put a 12th clutch on it and now it viberates really bad when it accelerates with me on it like I can't...
  15. S

    Clone engine vibration

    Any reputable guys out there to deal with for engine balancing? Thanx Scott
  16. yalipito

    Engine vibration

    Hi guys, looking for suggestions/thoughts on causes of extreme vibrations. I have a briggs animal engine that is smooth up to 5k, then from about 5.3k to 6k is horrible, and smooth as silk above that. I swapped the flywheel, no difference, removed clutch and fired the engine with the new...
  17. philbo

    6.5hp clone engine vibration at certain RPM? Help!!!

    Hi guys! Thanks in advance for any helpful ideas! When I rode the Baja around I noticed a really bad vibration at a certain rpm. I'm guessing I'm doing about 15-20mph? That's a guesstimate. I took off the jack shaft chain to isolate the problem from the suspension And chains (in...
  18. Bugar


    OK, on my mini, ARCO, with 3 hp briggs/ no governor, and re-worked carb, on accelleration, geared 13-72, vibration was OUTRAGEOUS, so in my experimenting, made a brace, of 3/4x1/8 strap steel, from headbolt to the welded frame seat tab- sure did slow vibrations, i figure cut the intensity maybe...
  19. dw1973

    Vibration with clone engine

    Anyone experience frame vibration with a clone gx200 engine? Solution? Dave
  20. buckeye

    CarPlayLB's Vibration Supression Plate

    Eric has fabbed up a polyurythanes plate he hopes will provide some decrease in vibrations after mounting between the engine and the frame. He asked for a volunteer to try this out and report back on the findings. The thread that began this can be found here...