1. Cat R3509 (Wildcat), R4017 (Endura), R5003 (Hustler MX)

    Cat R3509 (Wildcat), R4017 (Endura), R5003 (Hustler MX)

  2. 20210914_081655.jpg


    Harrison wildcat Wide Track
  3. Lizardking

    Harrison Wildcat wide track

    Finally the Harrison is in my possession! This bike looks and rides fantastic. Original seat board with custom cover. That's a looong seat. I've been reading everything I can find on these Harrisons. If only Phil Harrison would still be active here.. I've read that @cheezy1 & @mrpat grow them...
  4. Fisher1983

    Harrison Wildcat Wheels/Sprocket

    Looking for wheel options for my Wildcat. Its a 71 model 500 that should have had the Azusa aluminum wheels. The back wheel is some universal thing with a band brake. I have a one piece Pak Mule front wheel in my parts bin. What wheel and drum brake sprocket matches the one piece front? My Pak...
  5. H

    Cat 3509 (Muskin Wildcat)

    Probably the most uncomfortable, and worst riding bike HPE-Muskin ever produced. It was based on the Cat 400 frame, but with a longer forks, shallow rake, large, easy to bend axle tabs, and a grab bar behind the seat. Badged "Endura," it was nothing like the remaining Endura line, which had...
  6. 125ccCrazy

    Harrison Wildcat metal fenders

    Original metal fenders. Blasted, primed and ready for paint.. $80 plus shipping Pics coming
  7. james c

    harrison wildcat parts

    what have you? i need sprocket and brake, seat, one original tire kickstand. pm me
  8. BenWeatherley

    Help identifying correct engine for Harrison Wildcat

    I need some help from you guys that know your Harrison's. My wildcats original engine is long gone as we stupidly threw it when it failed years ago when we were kids. Now I know it was tecumseh and had a lighting coil but would it of been hs (small block) or h (big block)? Also would it of...
  9. james ackerman

    Harrison wildcat questions.

    I have what I believe to be a 69 Harrison wildcat. What is the correct clutch cover for this year. I've seen two styles of covers on photos I've seen of this bike. Also were they painted or chrome. And finally were the fenders painted or chrome. also were they originally built with a...
  10. 125ccCrazy

    wildcat 500

    wildcat 500 project... straight frame and suspension forks, jackshaft mount, factory frame mounted gas tank, factory 4" wide tri stars, new turf saver II tires and tubes, new Kenny seat, new axles... pics as soon as I can get up in the attic.. won't part out $550
  11. mrpat

    Ruttman Pak Mule vs Harrison Wildcat

    This has been a topic of discussion recently and I have put together some differences between the two. This is only a partial list, please feel free to comment and add. Thanks! Pat
  12. ruttman pak mule harrison wildcat comparison

    ruttman pak mule harrison wildcat comparison

    some differences between ruttman pak mule and harrison wildcat mini bike
  13. harrison_wild_cat_seat


    Harrison Wildcat
  14. countstevula

    Harrison Wildcat fenders

    Looking for an original Harrison wildcat rear fender.....maybe even a whole set if someone has them Thanks!
  15. R

    Nice Clean Harrison WildCat CL $650

    Nice and Clean All the hard work done https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/mcy/5166285469.html
  16. S

    Harrison wildcat roller

    Bike is apart no fenders no seat asking 350 or trade
  17. S

    looking for some harrison wildcat fenders

    looking for a pair of fenders for a Harrison wildcat
  18. 125ccCrazy

    Who got the Harrison Wildcat in Toledo for $100?

    I was too late....it posted yesterday and I missed it by last night...
  19. T

    Harrison Wildcat

    It's my 2015 buildoff bike, origional frame, forks, wheels, brakes and bars, reproduction fiberglass fenders from 125ccCrazy, exact reproduction clutch cover and bracket from Sixpac440, powdercoated frame, forks, jackshaft and handlebar mounts, custom seat, I built this bike to ride, runs and...
  20. 125ccCrazy

    new or like new Max Torque driver

    looking for a 3/4" MT tav driver for my Wildcat 500...I have a new driven but need a driver now..