2015 Open Class, El Broncco Loco

you're moving right along !! love the wood work and those bars are killer :thumbsup::thumbsup:
I really like the wood with the diamond plate.
And just a heads up there's no prize for being done first. Take your time you're making the rest of us look bad. Lol
Thanks Tim I really like the shape of the bars......very comfortable......and cost much less than rechroming the original!! :laugh:

Thanks Karl!! But my last build took 2 1/2 years!! :eek:ut: This build has a dead line! Gotta stay on top of this one!! :drinkup:
Drilled new holes for the bar clamps that I got for a song and a dance!!

Old ones I was using for mock up....

New shiny ones!!

Just need to fill and grind the old holes!! :weld: :grind: :thumbsup:
Very cool ideas here, awesome work and bike................
Thank you Sir!!
Wow ...super cool bars jdogg !! :thumbsup:
Thanks Eric I like the shape of them alot!!
Caftman at work. Step back...
Thanks Tom..... I think :laugh:
Lookin good JDogg...and looking like Buckeye had too many cocktails!
Thank you Eric!! And I agree, I hope he doesnt type much at the hospital!! :lol:
I love everything you did to this one!! SOO cool!! I at least plan on stealing the wooden pull start handle idea!!
Thanks Dave!! I'm glad you like it enough to replicate it!! Heres another one for ya!!



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Looking Good JDogg.
If I get to vote, don't go for the practical clutch cover. The first one is way cool...matches all the other coolness you have going on there!