Alsport MTS30 New toy

Finally got my new toy today and some other stuff. All the way from Illinois. I was working on this deal for a while. The guy was great to deal with. Other parts that I bought will be for sale if anybody is interested.
Very nice Karen...!!

Do you have another one of those roll bar's to fit an Mts-30 ?

If so, I'd be interested. PM sent.

Thank you...and congratulations on your find...tell us what else you have for sale .

Thank you,

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Who did you use for shipping it ?
Dohrn trucking. The guy I bought the trike from in Illinois set the shipping up. Since they don't come into NJ, they handed it off in Ohio to Pitt Ohio. I had to call both companies a couple times and there service was excellent. A couple times when I tracked the shipment, the tracking said delivered.:laugh:
Tinkered with the trike today. No spark. Although when I accidently held the wire, I got zapped.:eek:ut: I did the old lay the plug on the head, didn't see anything. Even changed plugs. Will somebody come over here and hold the wire for me.:laugh:
Yes 3hp. The trike is not new. In pretty good shape. I started ripping it a part today.:laugh: The chrome only had mild pitting. I waxed the chrome today.:laugh: Picture before taking it apart.