Alsport RTS trike

Where did you find the expansion chamber diagram? The pipes look really good.
just googled expansion chamber and went to images

It may surprise you when you do run it. Mine won't turn under full throttle. Front wheel is just bearly touching. I had a piped 340 35 years ago and it pull the front wheel off the ground for 20-30ft. I couldnt imagine a full blown phase111 with 50+hp. Steering with the throttle yeah. :)
when I picked it up craig and I were actually talking about if it would lift the front end up, looking forward to trying :biggrin:
It may be a story but I was told that Tri-Sport factory messed around with a big 3 cylinder free air engine all ported out and had a special drive clutch. Well the factory hired a test driver and everyone was out for it's first test run. So they warmed up the engine and opened the throttle and it would not engage so they went to work on checking the clutch and after a couple of dead ends the driver popped the throttle wide open and the trike did a giant flip up and over onto the driver and he suffered neck and back injury. Well they scrapped that project.
We had an experimental Kawasaki three cylinder engine given to one of the Tri-Sport dealers and it came with big expansion chambers and experimental fuel injection but it would bog down off the turns and then the power band would hit and it had almost uncontrollable power until the next turn. Most of the tracks that we ran on were not that big like Indian Dunes and Trojan Speedway.
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cleaned her up alittle the few parts I needed to get it going today.all I gotta say if you've never rode one before you need to :biggrin::biggrin:.what a blast.uploading some vids now



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Heh like I've said before, zero to holy crap in just a few seconds. And that's without expansion chambers.
Oh and steve the straight section in the middle of alsport pipe helps to flatten and lengthen the peak power when it comes " on the pipe".
Great video and lots of fun and the power is on so fast. Now just envision 7 or 8 Tri-Sports and an odd Dune Cycle or two. Sitting on the starting line waiting to take on a full fledge motocross track like what was Saddle back out in Irvine, California a world class track.
Just drop the flag and stand back the men became a pack of beasts headed into the first turn and took their lumps and all that for a little trophy if they were lucky.
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I still find it funny how hard it is to convey how much fun trikes are. Thats why at Windber I tried to get as many people as possible to ride my trikes.... I know at least one person liked


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wow yoop that motor sounds crazy on that trike......:thumbsup:

gumpit your right, windber this year was all about the three wheelers. the only thing that could go anywhere with all that mud and soft ground.............:rolleyes:
Free on three

I still find it funny how hard it is to convey how much fun trikes are. Thats why at Windber I tried to get as many people as possible to ride my trikes.... I know at least one person liked
One thing about riding a trike on the street it has been like six years since I sold my Blue Tri-Sport and the problem was that your riding along in traffic and it's the people who just have to get a picture of the trike with their cellular phone. That was then and with the new phones that are now an extension of some peoples hands it sure would be hectic to ay the least.
But the real fun of having a Tri-Sport with the foot rests out on the front wheel is to be going down the freeway and put out your arms like your soaring like a big bird and behind you the big SUV's are backing off. But they still want to keep looking.
Just go to a car cruse in and see how much the people like your ride.

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I was just picture shopping Cuda.i don't think I'd ever find the correct ones for it.i may just buy the cones and tubing and build a single pipe that would mount on the top of the belt guard. it is a blast,you can't compare it to a typical non suspended trike like our other one or like the t-555's.kinda like comparing a beetle to a Ferrari.

if the weather cooperates we're going to a car show tomorrow and will be taking it along with the kart and some mini's.can't imagine lining up and racing them all out on a track steve.i'll I can think about is 4 or 5 of them upside down in the first turn.

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WOW it is just great to see your ride and it is running excellent. I often regret selling the Blue Tri-Sport and watching this is a 50-50 mix of pleasure and pain. But you just keep on sending more great shots I can take it LOL
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If you give me some time I'll get measurements off the set I have. Not sure if I can get the converging cone length as there is a muffling shell over it.


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And it get s going faster then most people think. I know mine will hit 50+ in a couple hundred yards easily. I run out of road before I run out of go. I do like the onboard video. Is that from a gopro.