Alsport Tri-Sport RTS


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I know this isn’t exactly the place for it (it’s in classifieds as well) but I figured trike guys would be looking here ...
Alsport Tri-Sport RTS for sale (I believe it’s an RTS)
Mostly complete but is a project
Seemingly has the wrong seat but it works decent on it
Has motor (don’t know off hand exactly what it is)
Excellent candidate for complete restoration or just get running and send it!
Shocks seem to be in nice shape as well as headlight
I have a pair of atv tires I can throw in with it for the back.
Only Selling to help ease the pain on a recent purchase of another similar trike.

I am willing to trade or partial trade for a trike model I don’t have in my collection yet tho haha

With all the parts there and having a motor I think price is pretty fair but don’t be afraid to shoot me offers

Asking $400
Located in Ladd, IL

Hey CaptNugget !

Since this is not the classifieds, I think it's okay for me to post this.

I'm a big Allsport fan, and think you've got a cool trike there.

Regarding the seat, and the graphics on it...I could have sworn I saw a picture of the same graphics in a bunch of Allsport parts that @manchester1 bought a while back.

The @ sign will notify her that we're talking about In hopes that she'll chime in to let us know if this may in fact be original Allsport graphics?

Thanks in advance manchester1 !
That is the original seat with original design. That design was a special order from Alsport. I have that seat also. A friend and myself bought out a Alsport dealer a couple years ago and we got a ton of manuals and paperwork. We actually found the information/order form about those seats and how to order them.


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That’s awesome! I just figured it was a seat off a smaller trike. Kind of want to keep it now haha. Any idea of how many of those seats were made/ordered? And if I decided to keep it, would you be interested in selling that order form or making a good copy? I also buy a bunch of trike ads and banners and such for my collection and itd be cool to have with it
I'm sure there wasn't many of those made as I have only seen a couple. We only confirmed what is was until we found the paper work. It was like the Cobra snake decal that was stuck all over everything. Nobody knew what it was and we found the decal listing on some paperwork. I will have to ask him if he would make a copy of the page with the seat listed. He might be persuaded if you had some super shark information. He does have a super shark and I know he hasn't been able to find any information on them.


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That is a seat off of a smaller trike. The seat pan is from a older smaller trike like a TS-50 without the turned up front. The RTS seat pans are more angular and go almost all the way to the steering neck. The trike is, I think a 73. I cant see you brakes but I dont see axle mount discs('74). I also think those seat pads are from promark('75).