Broke my crankshaft and trying to find the right replacement


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The shaft size is relatively the same size as stock, only slightly smaller, and the only difference is the inside of the shaft is shorter than i need it to be. I will be able to tap the hole and rethread it. Any suggestions as the what the size should be? It can’t be the stock 5/16 because the diameter is slightly larger.
Hopefully you can get some help from @desert rat, I don't think you can save it. Good luck, it's your clutch and your leg.
Did anyone else notice what's being used as a driven clutch and the temporary link belt?. The driven clutch is what's left of a scooter gearbox which someone probably couldn't find the right length belt for which is why one was pieced together with a temporary link belt. Not only that, I believe the scooter driven clutch uses a "V" belt and your drive clutch uses a belt that is flat on one side. I'd be willing to bet that none of it is lined up correctly which caused this nightmare to happen in the first place.

desert rat

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I have saved some stuff in my past that others say can't be. I don't have a lot of time right now but will help if you are close and have the want to get this done. I am leaving state Friday so if you want help you need to get on with it. I will be back in August. Ball is in your court.


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I just picked-up a nice Predator engine for next to nothing, but like the original poster, the crank needs replaced (mine has the PTO stub snapped off clean).

So if we could back up to his original question, where is the best place to buy a non-hemi Predator 212 crank? Mine has no option to repair. NR Racing is indeed out of stock, and probably more that I’d want to pay regardless.