1. B

    Broke my crankshaft and trying to find the right replacement

    I have a non-hemi predator 212 and the crankshaft broke to the point where i can’t put my torque converter on. I’m trying to find a replacement part for it but all I can find specifically for predators are hemi cranks. I don’t know if those are compatible or not. I also found a tillotson...
  2. H

    Knife edge crank

    To the old school builders and modifier, has any of you knife edge a Briggs and Stratton crankshaft. I'm in the process of building a 5HP motor and I was wandering has any of you knife edge a crankshaft before?
  3. W

    Will a HS40 crank in a H35

    Hi all, Will a crankshaft out of a Tecumseh HS40 work in a H35? Both came out of Rupp min bikes. Thanks, Bill T
  4. F

    Taping threads for a crank end bolt

    I'm going to install an end bolt in a 3hp Briggs to retain the clutch...The existing hole is not tapped... I'm seeing online that 5/16 x 24 is standard for clones...Any suggestions for the smaller 3hp crank....What size drill bit for the correct tap size.. Building a standard Taco 22...... 60's...
  5. B

    Hisun 5/8 crank swap

    Will pred 212 3/4 crankshaft fit the hisun 196cc engine is on Coleman ct200u if that matters
  6. DeadPixel

    Do I need to balance my crank?

    Building a new motor as a few of you know and am wondering if I need to balance my crank. On a V8 it is a no brainer for me and if I was using a new crank or changed the weight of the rotating assembly I would. I ask because I see a lot of people add billet rods and change pistons with out re...
  7. J

    Bell crank p/n 30201A

    Tecumseh Bell crank p/n 30201A for H50 throttle control
  8. 125ccCrazy

    Looking for information on putting a 69mm crank in a 420/440

    I called one of the distributors that sell the cranks, rods ect and asked them what would I need to do and what combination of rod and piston I would need to put the 69mm crank in a 440 block and the answer was "I dunno",,,Really??? you sell all these parts and race engines and dont know what...
  9. A

    I need to drill and tap crank Briggs 2hp

    my nephews kids have a doodle bug that killed a 97cc and I want to replace it with a 2hp from an old edger but the crankshaft needs to be drilled and tapped. Being the tightwad that I am is this something I can do myself with a hand drill and Harbor Freight tap and die set? I can't even...
  10. danford1

    HS40 on Rupp, 3" crank dimension question

    I read where Rupp's used a 3" crank on their HS40 engines for use with a torque converter. Ok. Now... Can someone tell he where they measure the crank from? I have a standard length crank and want to make a spacer but I need an accurate way of measuring what I have vs where Rupp measured it...
  11. Joe-405

    Machine work for 1" crank to 3/4"

    I need a 420cc crank turned down to 3/4" so I can have a better option for clutches. And what price and how long ?
  12. Fisher1983

    Briggs 5hp 3/4 inch bushing crank

    Looking for a plain bearing crank (3/4 inch) to fit in my 1991 model130212 5hp that currently has a 1 inch chipper crank. Anyone have a good used one for sale? This will be a stock governed engine. Thanks!
  13. 125ccCrazy

    Looking for a couple hs40 model numbers so I can try to locate a crank.

    I have an hs40 engine I'm gathering parts for to rebuild for a member here and his crank is shot, The shroud on this engine may not be the correct one and the part number that comes up for this model is NLA, his is the extended shaft for a TC but he told me a shorter crank will work for his...
  14. Fisher1983

    5hp 1 inch crank

    I scored a free 1991 5hp model 130212 off a chipper today. The question is, are clutches available for the 1 inch cranks? Do they need a spacer up against the block since the crank is 1 inch all the way thru? Theres no tapered area for the clutch to stop. Finally, will a 3/4 crank drop in? This...
  15. gwoods27

    HS50-67023 Crank Case Cover Oil seal removal

    Anyone have some advice on removal of the Crankcase Cover oil seal on an HS50. I dont want to do any damage to the crank shaft. Trying to get the case cover off to do a rebuild.
  16. D

    Crank case breather?

    Hey I put on a perf . Air filter on my Baja mb200 and there is a small rubber hose that has nowhere to go should I buy I filter for it and where can I get one at:hammer:
  17. Steve Albright

    Briggs 5hp w/ generator crank question.

    I have a 5hp Briggs engine and I removed the generator to find the crank doesn't have a keyway slot and the end of the crankshaft end is tapered about an inch from the end. Is there some way I can use a sprocket with a locking collar or something so I can use the engine in a mini bike or...
  18. M

    honda clone 6.5 crank

    My Baja MB200 Mini bike is a nightmare. I've had it for 3-4 months, and I've broken the brake drum, both chain tensioners, handlebars, chain, headlight, footpegs, kickstand spring, and now the crankshaft(?), twice. The crank/drive shaft snapped off while riding, so I drilled and tapped it and...

    grinding a tecumseh crank

    Hi everybody, does anyone have information on where or who does small engine crank grinding. Im in rochester new york, and cant seem to find a machine shop to do small cranks. I have a H50 crank that needs the rod journal turned to 1 inch for a billet rod. Im stuck!
  20. I

    Offset grinding, chromeplating. Stroking a stock briggs crank.

    So I need to stroke my stock b&s crank to accomodate fire this 3.375 rod and my .565 compression height piston I have, and I will need to have it offset ground .125 then have it ground down .030 to make a clean surface for the chrome, then chrome plate it till its exactly 1.0000". But do I need...