Doodle Bug or Cat Craigslist Buy?

Hello everyone I am new to this forum but am very interested in mini bikes. My dad had a bonanza growing up and now I might get one. I am in the Denver area in Colorado and have been looking at Craiglist for a bike. I have narrowed my interest down to three: two doodle bugs and a cat (however I am open to other suggestions on Craigslist). The links for all three are below and with would essentially just like some experienced advice as far as which is the best to buy. I am 14 years old, 150 pounds and 6 feet so I want to see how something like these will fit me and how it will do. I will mainly be riding it around the neighborhood and on some dirt roads but I want the best speed and power to get me up hills well. Any advice on what do buy/ consider would be awesome. Thanks!

First doodle: Dodle bug mini bike
Second doodle: MINIBIKE
Cat: "the cat" 4hp mini bike


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Wow, another Cat 400x.
You old school 14 year old? Like 70's classic rock?
Or are you a new school. Rap, head banging?
I'd get the Cat. If you don't plan modifications. Just for the fool factor.

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Brooklyn Bob

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Welcome to the minibike madness. They both look like great bikes. The doodlebug with the clone should give you more speed, But the cat has rear suspension which is nice for a better ride. Either bike will be fun to ride. If you have the money get then both!
"I'd" get the Cat. I have one and like it. But if you are thinking of lots of riding in the hills, the DB is for you because of the engine. But the Cat is way cooler. :thumbsup: