doodle bug

  1. S

    Gear Ratio

    Hello everyone I’m new to the forum and still kinda a rookie on mini bikes lol, I have some knowledge just not too much. I put a doodlebug db30RR with a stock cylinder head 212cc predator together and it runs perfect it has a vm22 Mikuni clone carb and it has arc billet aluminum fly wheel and...
  2. bremerman

    WTB Doodle bug Countershaft/pulley/adjusting bracket assy complete or individual part

    thank you, Bremerman. :wink:
  3. S

    ISO Mini Baja Bikes

    Like mb200's or warriors. Rolling Bikes or complete, doesn't matter to me.
  4. E

    New Custom Candy Flake Paint and Modified Predator Engine - oh and Model Photo Shoot

    Hi I am a brand new member but have been reading and getting lots of extremely useful information from this site for a few months now. I have just finished, well almost finished, building and painting my first mini bike which was a $60 impulse buy at a yard sale which turned into a slightly...
  5. deadbug

    #40 sprocket doodle bug

    Anyone running a #40 rear sprocket on thier bug?? Starting a project and want to get rid of the old # 35 I seen there is an adapter for the bug just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the #40
  6. G

    OldMiniBikes Doodle Bug Upgrade Parts Problem

    So I ordered the Upgrade kit#1 which includes the new header muffler, emulsion tube, and air filter. When I tried to thread the muffler in to the header, it would barely get together and then just jam, and it gets stuck. I studied the threading on both, and the Taiwan-made muffler looked to have...
  7. G

    OldMiniBikes Doodle Bug Upgrade Parts Problem

    So I ordered the Upgrade kit#1 which includes the new header muffler, emulsion tube, and air filter. When I tried to thread the muffler in to the header, it wouldn't fit. I studied the threading on both, and the Taiwan-made muffler looked to have some flaws at the very beginning of the...
  8. DuffyMechanics

    Doodle Bug Predator Build

    So let me give you a little background, I'm 14, 6'1 and 230 pounds (I'm a rugby player) and for my birthday last year, I got myself a Doodle Bug off Craigslist ($200 if you were wondering). I'll be straight up here, 2.5 horsepower does not move 230 pounds. I got the Predator 212 from my kart...
  9. M

    Doodle Bug DB30s

    Have 2 Doodle Bugs, one with a Honda and one with Clone, the clone is Gov removed, upgrade springs, hotdog, and uni adapter. The yellow one with Honda needs a clutch. $350 for Red $300 for yellow $600 for bothOBO, In Orlando FL area local pickup only. 321-3seven7-830eight
  10. Oyster Bay Man

    Baja Doodle Bug 97cc

    $175 firm. Oyster Bay, NY If someone wants me to ship it I will do so if you're paying. Paypal, Money order or cash on pickup I don't know much about these Doodle Bugs but this is clean as it can get. It still has the plastic wrapping on the seat. What I was told is a kid got this...
  11. Acolytus

    Baja Doodle Bug Mini bike for $175 in Northbrook, IL

    I found a cool Baja Doodle Bug mini bike in Northbrook, IL going for only $175 and it runs too! @@@ BAJA - Doodle Bug Mini Bike - priced to sell Fast @@@
  12. T-Town Mini

    GS Bug

    Garage Sale Doodle Bug I found this at a garage sale in rough shape missing its engine and throttle control, etc. I couldn't pass it up since the price was right. $25.00 It's been well used. The forks have a slight bend as do the handle bars so, its had a crash or two in its...
  13. C

    wanted: older style Doodle bug roller or complete bike

    Hi, I want to build a mini bike and since i plan to hack it up a little i dont want to deface a vintage frame. Ill do a restoration someday but for now i want to go with more of a hacked up rat bike. The older DB30 is perfect for my vision and would require the smallest amount of modding. The...
  14. S

    Torque Converter or Centrifugal Clutch?

    I'm buying my first Mini Bike tomorrow. It's a Baja doodle bug frame and I'm going the typical route of mounting a 6.5hp honda clone on it. It will be used as a trail rider and just for having some fun off road. I have a lot of experience with go karts and engines in general however mini...
  15. N

    Complete Mini Bike Wanted

    Hey guys, this is my first post here. I have owned one mini bike before, but do not own it anymore. I am looking to buy a mini bike that can go over 40mph with 180lbs on it, I want one that is in completely working order. I have 300$ to spend. Must be able to ship or drive to Scottsdale...
  16. D

    Doodle Bug or Cat Craigslist Buy?

    Hello everyone I am new to this forum but am very interested in mini bikes. My dad had a bonanza growing up and now I might get one. I am in the Denver area in Colorado and have been looking at Craiglist for a bike. I have narrowed my interest down to three: two doodle bugs and a cat (however...
  17. M

    2013 DoodleBug Build!

    Whats Up! Mini Bikers!! I Would Like To First Introduce Myself My Name Is Marlin From Detroit Michigan, I Have A Build To Show You Guys For The Next Couple Months I Purchased A DB30 Roller Of CL For 120 Bucks Last Summer, Threw A 6.5 Clone On And Still Not Satisfied With the Speed...
  18. W

    Doodle Bug rear wheel assembly

    I need rear wheel assembly with a disc brake and sprocket!
  19. T

    Lifan 97cc parts needed

    Hi, Im trying to build a generator with the motor off my db30, I tore the motor apart and now Im looking for parts or maybe a whole motor if anyone has one cheap or free. but the parts I need are the crankcase gasket, valves, and the little cover things on the pushrods, Im not sure what they...
  20. N

    need help with predator 212cc

    so i ordered this #35 3/4" 12T clutch + 4' of #35 chain. and this Baja Doodle bug db30 engine upgrade plate and im buying the predator 212 in store when all the other stuff comes. i was just wondering if i needed anything else,what tools do i need to use and roughly how long will it take to put...