What model is this? Help needed


Brand new to the forum and it looks like a lot of knowledge here! My friend got a minibike from his father in law that needs a lot of work. The man is 65 and had it when he was a kid so it is old for sure. On the goosekneck it says Nova.

I am a pretty good mechanic but have never messed withmini bikes. Where should I start to try to get it running? I'll change the oil for sure. I pulled the plug, layed it on the block and did not see a spark. However, when I accidently had my hand on the plug wire and pulled I did get a shock.

The foam air cleaner litterally turned to dust when touch so I assume I need to rebuild the carb. Are parts available for these things still? It needs throttle and brake cables plus a brake lever.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Nice score. Even has the chain guard.. I'd try a different plug first, then maybe sand on the flywheel where it triggers the ignition. Carb kit should be available through your local mower shop.


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Welcome to the fun. With a nice one too.
Yeah, you can even get the catb kit from OldMiniBikes also. You good to go right here.
That mini you got is nice, I would love to have it . With a little mini bike lov it will be cherry. Not sure were you live ? But I bet there are cool mini bike people close by. And help is only a click away. So have fun with it. Peace out . Hornet1