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Web site is still under construction for two weeks!

Launched this morning and franchises available to quailified individuals.

Special thanks to Hent!

curtis scott
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thank you!
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Thank you again!

Done, group effort! :thumbsup:

TT Out!

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No. I do not want you or anyone else who cannot make up $500.00 in the first month of businesss. If your a mechanic and a welder you have the potential to rake in thousands of dollars a year as this business will grow like wild fire. Where can you start a business any business for $500.00 and pay 2.5% to 5.0% of the profit and parts and sit by the phone for dispatching?

Reconsider. Do not be negative about this venture 200 people could own their own territorities and rake in all the mini bike serve business out of a truck and a tool box.

Most franchises cost $75,000.

TT :smile:

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I'm with Yellowhand I can't wait to see how this turns out !
So Hent and MDB give thier endorsements on this ? Interesting , Charles, Hent ?
I like the concept, hope it works out. :thumbsup:

PS: :wink:

"Minidragbike" is also spelled incorrectly on the About Us page: "MINIRAGBIKE"

Mini Bike Service: About Us Page said:
Where this idea originated from was easy. MINIRAGBIKE, in recognition of his standards of excellence, his enduring calm nature and lastly his experience to be a visionary without a sponsor. I/we are willing to back his vision. Not to give free information to charge for it and still get the fastest group of mini bike racers in Los Angeles, CA and national individuals on the drag strip.

I want to clairify a few things that were addressed:

1. Liability insurance. I don't have this answer. Drywall contractors can purchase $1,000,000.00 dollars of liability insurance for $750.00. Still, a big if!

2 Customer's must sign a release of liability from the independant contractors written by a liability attorney and will cover us in the event of a mechanical failure that causes injury. You the contractor must test the unit first to make sure it is safe, at that point they sign away their lives, as we have no control over what they do after you leave or they leave the working area>??

3. I do not have Hent's approval in this business venture, he stated he would help me get the site more usable and help design the web-site for Charles and myelf. Helping hand...

4. Charles is not under any kind of contract to perform any duties except help me build my new motor and I will pay him about 10 hours at $25.00 per hour depending on his requests. Charles is now been named as a confidant and a manager as he made some requests that were implimented, and fast. He has proven worthy of $100,000 a year in fees and bonuses as he will be incharge of 200 employees and take 50% of the start up fees, and or invest that money in supplies and/or equiptment, so motors can be shipped to him for hop ups. He is the man who will build this company from a dime to a dollar!

4. Tom, lets find a common ground and shake hands and move forward! Forward means $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.....

5. Edward de Evil, I tol you mang! Now, help me help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. If you live in a town and want that territory for yourself, you must apply, payments can be arranged, it's not set in stone $500 up front to begin business. If you have tools, truck and expertise we will deduct small initiation amounts for you, I need helpers. I got the cash on hand. Maybe $60K in four weeks>?

TT out!

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Just my 2 cents- This should be interesting. Painting,powdercoating and all of that is going to get the EPA involved and you surely aern't planning on doing these things at the customers house?? This is just the first red flag I can think of. The second being that I would almost bet that the majority of people that can't fix their own mini is because they are kid's ie: under the age of 18 which is not going to fly with you wavier statement. Not trying to burst anyone's bubble but what happens when you send one of YOUR subcontractors out to fix little Jimmy's leaking carburetor and since little Jimmy looks 30 even though he's only 14 signs your disclaimer so Joe Mechanic fixes the carb BUT it's all good until the middle of the night when it starts leaking again and lo and behold an act of God causes the puddle of fuel on the garage floor that's attached to the $250,000 house to ignite. Trust me-someone IS going to pay and God forbid little Jimmy and family don't get out of the house. These are just a couple of the "what if's" that you and your subs are going to have to face. Something else to consider-has anyone ever actually read their homeowners insurance policy?? In the state of Indiana if you have any species of agressive dog you actually are NOT covered if the dog bites or mames or kills someone and believe it or not if you own a go kart the same applies.
Good points:

Little Jimmy cannot sign a contract at 17 years old, minor's and contracts dol not mix in court. Little Jimmy's mommie or daddy need to sign and a petcock is a good idea. No doubt there are liability issues. That means a LLC. The contractor must be bonded and insured through the company umbrella!

hfuiweihfeuiwhewhgioewhgewhgfwehfiowehfhe thanks! :grind:
Remember, if you don't like this message....... don't kill the messenger.
First, you cannot contract away your own negligence, but you can insure against it if you will write a big enough check.
Second, a corporation formed around one person to try and negate his actions will not protect against his negligence. Typically, judges will "pierce the corporarte veil" to properly place liability and restitution. Granted, it is all open to circumstances and interpretation, but meanwhile everyone would need a $250.00 an hour attorney.
And maybe more importantly, is there really a large enough number of mini devotees who are unable to work on their own rides, as well as willing and able to pay others to do so, to sustain a business??