1. O

    Vintage Motorbike Club meet in Portland Indiana

    The Vintage Motorbike Club of America will be holding their 45th annual meet in Portland Indiana at the Jay County Fairgrounds on July 20th thru the 24th. The gates actually open on or around July 17th for early birds and is open to all types of bikes from bicycles to minibikes to scooters to...

    Engine replacement in a Club Car golfcart

    I have a ClubCar Carryall that I use to work around my 8 acres. It has the reverse rotation Kawasaki 350 engine. What a piece of junk. It runs good, it functions but it is just a piece of junk. I have a horizontal shaft V-twin Kohler off of a Yazoo mower. I have been pondering using this in...
  3. ratfink396

    Vintage Motor Bike Club Meet

    Heading off to the VMBC meet in Portland, Indiana today; Best event of the year! Traveling kinda light this year.....
  4. Csmith16

    Any interest in an Eastern Pennsylvania club startup

    I'm from the Lehigh Valley (Allentown) area. Looking to start a group of people to ride with but know no one else in the area that rides. I'm new to the hobby but my girlfriend and I built 3 bikes over the winter and are looking to do some riding in the spring. I HAVE ACCESS TO A DECENT PRIVATE...
  5. R

    mini bike & trike rules wachusett valley riders club winchendon ma.


    Ohio mini bikes and go karts club

    Hi guys, i have been riding minibikes and go karts since i was 7, and i want to create a go kart and mini bike club in central ohio. We will ride on weekends,on Fridays sometimes. i live near OSU campus and i have a parking lot near my house where i have permission to ride. Respond to this...
  7. J

    starting backyard racing club in Hickory NC

    I am just north of Hickory NC. I have started a backyard racing club. It is a private club, members and member's guests only. (airtight liability waivers of course will be necessary. There will be member fees for those who do not or can not contribute in other ways. I am not looking for money...
  8. jeep4me

    Portland, IN Vintage Motor Club Swap Meet 2015

    Just curious if anyone is going (or already there). I spoke to smallbikes88 and he's already there. I'm planning on going down on Thursday morning early. But being the first time, what should I expect as far as entry fee, parking, riding minibikes, etc?? Thanks!! 43rd Annual Vintage Motor Club...
  9. T

    Hello from Cary Illinois

    Hello, I call myself Twisted Vic because I'm in a car club called that Twisted Pistons,, we have several mini bikes and Go karts in the club that we use all the time and also race at several events THE WHITE KNUCKLE SCRAMBLE, SYMCO SHAKEDOWN,, IRON INVASION,, VINTGE TORQUEFEST all mini...
  10. C

    Broncco road tires 7"

    Hi guys! i'm supposed to introduce myself but dont find where:confused:... sorry, i'm french and my english is not so good :out: well i'm from the Fantic-Motor Club of france and i bought recently a nice Broncco tx-7. Finding 7" tires seems beeing a nightmare in Europe ! What about in USA ? My son
  11. J

    Northern Nevada Minibike Club RIDEOUT 8/23

    Northern Nevada Minibike Club is meeting at Double Diamond Athletic Club in South Reno Saturday August 23 at 1pm. 9400 Double Diamond Parkway Reno, NV 89509. Bring your gym clothes and work out too! I rode around the area already and it is adequate, and connected to a larger unoccupied...
  12. B

    28th Doodle Bug Club of America Reunion

    28th Annual Doodle Bug Club of America Reunion Webster City Iowa September 10 - 13, 2014 Doodle Bug Club of America | A Club which was started for the enjoyment of a Famous Motor Scooter Built 1946-1948 Tentative schedule for the 2014 Reunion: Wed. Sept. 10 – MORNING – Jim Winter...
  13. John in MN.

    Vintage Motor Bike Club

    Anyone going to the VMBC 2014 Meet? I have been told by a friend I have to do at least one in my life time. It's like you have to do Back to the Fifties, in Minneapolis. Once you go your hooked. Long drive for me. Upper Minnesota. Bring my two runners, some parts etc.. 19-22 July Portland...
  14. B

    mid michigan mini bike club

    making a mid michigan mini bike club anyone else interested. its call wild riderz.
  15. O

    Mini bike club in Des Moines?

    Is there anyone out there that lives in central Iowa who would be interested in starting an old school mini bike club? The Trail 70 guys have a group here. The barstool racers and go kart racers have a club too. Maybe it's time the mini bike dudes got together too? Thanks, OSJ
  16. Timmahhhhh

    Grand Prix To Club Racer

    I started with this. Then,a trip to the hardware store for spray paint,tape,a few nuts and bolts,and some spacers. One afternoon later: I'll use the 79cc Greyhound on there at first to test the durability of the pocket bike wheels. I added the plate to give it a club racer look to go with the...
  17. Rapidrob

    My shooting club is on NRA TV tonight

    I run the largest,active shooting club in New Mexico. The NRA interviewed us two weeks ago and the vid in on Cam& company tonight at 9 EST NRA News If you like shooting, please tune in and see what my club does.
  18. 73whitelighting

    Mad City Mini Bike Club

    Starting this club in WI, like to put on a Show,Swap Drags in 2013 .How's out there to Join. Respond with your info. lets get started with this winter ready for spring. Thanks Chris
  19. M

    Soap Box club

    I thought you guys might appreciate some pictures of the carts in our local soapbox club. This one met a bridge: spring 2011 348 by Muse For Misery, on Flickr spring 2011 375 by Muse For Misery, on Flickr This is how most of them started out, after getting roll cages but...
  20. bayareaburrito

    Evil Ed Fan Club

    I got my official Evil Ed fan club sticker today....:bowdown: Now what do I do :shrug: