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  • Doodle Bug
    Great let me know how it turns out. Talked to Daryl (DB dude i got it from) cpl days ago. Her sent me a pic of a Trumpet exhaust that i thot was...
  • Doodle Bug
    Mark - thanks for following up. I took a chance and bought one I found on EBay. Fingers crossed.
  • Doodle Bug
    Dusty H. Yo Dusty my man, I didn't forget you! I got a hold of Daryl Jay on the exhaust you asked me bout! He picked it up from "Studs...
  • Doodle Bug
    Sorry Dusty wish i could sir! I bought it that way off of CL. Yes sir (212) i was told it had 22# valve springs, governor delete and a Chikuni...
  • Doodle Bug
    Can you tell me where you got your exhaust pipe as well as the type/model number? Predator 212 engine?

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