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    CT200U - Increase Top Speed? 60 Tooth Rear Sprocket?

    I live in the Antelope Valley CA (High Desert) and run my CT200U and TAV and it runs great in the desert. Stg 1 and TAV get me 38-40mph. I left rear sprocket stock and dropped to an 8 tooth up front and it is a beast. Torque for days and still approaching 40mph.
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    Bolt on TAV

    I have this kit and its a nice set up. Fit is good and even worked on the non-hemi 212 (im in CA) using the stock coleman gas tank. Got it for a short lived deep discount on their ebay store compared to the OldMiniBikes website.
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    Popping/backfire on deceleration?

    Thanks theruppman. This is what I figured was happening and will drop from a 37 to a 35 jet and go from there. I did not upgrade the emulsion tube so I am running stock. Do you think I would worsen the issue of runnin rich by adding the emulsion or would this help? My intent was to add the...
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    Popping/backfire on deceleration?

    Trinik-I'm running the OldMiniBikes wiener pipe and muffler. Raskin- I did not replace the emulsion tube but perhaps I should have. I thought the upgraded emulsion would have more holes but apparently not? Dead Pixel-I was thinking the same thing. I guess I should be replacing the 37 in there now with...
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    Popping/backfire on deceleration?

    I run it with the muffler and agree on the sound. I will also double check for an air leak but fairly confident ( hopeful ) that isnt the issue since its brand new. It sounds like a may need to experiment with the jets as well.
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    Popping/backfire on deceleration?

    Hmm. The exhaust is brand new and I do not notice any cracks or leaks. Assuming I do not have a leak, wouldnt running to lean or rich create this problem as well?
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    Popping/backfire on deceleration?

    Hello All- I have a Coleman ct200u with the stock 6.5 honda clone. I just added a filter/intake, weiner pipe/muffler from OldMiniBikes and rejetted the carb with a 36 or 37. I bought both and not sure which one I put in. Anyhow, it runs great but it is popping or backfiring on deceleration. I know...
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    Coleman CT200U Accessories?

    Predator on sale this weekend- Fri-Sun
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    Coleman CT200U Accessories?

    Here is a link to the TAV. I have not performed the TAV install as there are some mods that are needed to the chain guard and cross bar as well as either raising the motor 1" to 1 1/4' (hence the precut/drilled steel tubing in a 1" size) or some I believe have cut the TAV's backplate. The bolts...
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    Coleman CT200U Accessories?

    How about a CT200U TAV install kit specifically for the Chinese TAV that is so popular. Since we know the engine needs raising to accommodate the TC, how about a kit that includes pre-drilled/cut square tubing ( painted red? ), proper bolts, washers and maybe install steps with pics. Slap it in...
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    Not happy with Walmart right now!!!

    Walmart is a pain but that is a good deal for a lot of mini bike.
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    Fast Coleman part 2

    Yup.. lube the clutch bearing.
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    Coleman CT200U popularity just went way up?

    I agree. This thing is really starting to pick up in popularity. I've had mine for 2 weeks and have been impressed by the torque and power the motor produces. Its a perfect combination of mini/trail bike that suits adults better than most mini's because of its size.Really a fun bike.
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    coleman ct200u torque converter install

    Wait I thought the CT200U shaft is 3/4? Its 5/8?