1. JoePapa

    Predator 212cc vs Powerhorse 208cc

    Which is the more tried and true / trusted of the two - the Harbor Freight predator motor or the Northern tool powerhorse ? I did a search but didn't really see much comparing the two. I've got an opportunity to pick up a powerhorse for about a 100 smackers which is about the price of the...
  2. I

    212cc sale coming up

    Just a heads up. I got an add that says the parking lot sale Aug 24-26th $99.99 plus the standard 20% coupon = damn good deal!
  3. H

    predator 212cc help

    im buying a new engine next week i want to get it to rev to 6200 rpm. what would i need and how much would it cost. im trying not to spend more then $300
  4. Coach6611

    Help, HF Predator 212cc easy upgrades

    I just sent a sweet original spider frame to the Powder coater and bought a new engine. I want to upgrade my motor. Dont want to have to crack the case open. Willing to upgrade Gov, Air intake, Header, carb/jet... You know minor mods to get it going a little faster. I just am not sure...
  5. H

    Modifactions to predator 212cc

    Can I modify my engine before removing the governer . Ex: a cam and springs or filter and header/ rejet?
  6. D

    Thinking of swapping out the 3.5b&s in my artic cat for a 212cc

    Looking for more power and bought a preadator 212cc from HF last weekend for $99 on sale. This is my first mini, was looking for suggestions on tackling the project and any upgrades you'd suggest while I'm working on it. The bike will be used as a pit bike at the local motocross track
  7. H

    212cc predator not running right

    I have bought a new 212cc engine bone stock , broke it in changed the oil ran perfect put about 1hour on it and changed the oil again(long story)I kno I don't need to that often.but anyway I just added a return spring and now, if I gun it from idle it dies:/ and if if rev quickly like from idle...
  8. T

    Low top speed WTF

    ok i have all these mods on my new predator engine and im only getting 26mph..... ideas? i BYPASSED the govenor. didnt remove it Kn filter NR filter adapter Manifold spacer 90 main jet 140 e tube Header with briggs muffler 10-20-10-50 gearing 19 inch tires
  9. T

    Hawg Ty Baja Build w/ Predator

    Bought this little mini Baja a month ago for $90 and just got around to fixing it up. Originally it had a non running Honda GC160.....that's right. a Powerwasher engine with a 7/8 inch shaft and it was only 1 inch long. So even if i COULD find a clutch to fit the 7/8 inch shaft, it wouldn't...
  10. H

    212cc predator NEED HELP

    Okay, so I got a go kart frame and wanted a reliable cheap engine, power didn't mean much. So not knowin anything, I searched online for the cheapest engine about 5hp. Sooner or later I'm at harbor freight and I'm picking up a clone, with out knowing it.I know a little now which is 5000x more...
  11. iatemeself

    420cc electric start on 212cc

    does the 420cc electric start work on the 212cc predator?
  12. A

    Arctic Cat SSScat II, Predator 212cc

    I think I posted in the wrong section before, so let me get it right this time.. Hey guys, I created an account because I'm pretty new to mini bike modification, and overall little mechanical background in this area at all. So I thought I'd ask some people who do. Recently me and a buddy...
  13. A

    SSS Cat II, Predator 212cc ohv

    Hey guys, I created an account because I'm pretty new to mini bike modification, and overall little mechanical background in this area at all. So I thought I'd ask some people who do. Recently me and a buddy managed to find some old Arctic Cat mini bikes, which are my absolute favorite...
  14. iatemeself

    flywheel stuck on new 212cc predator

    flywheel stuck on new predator 212cc when I was riding around, engine is not flooded pull start/fly wheel/ crank is stuck and will not move
  15. R

    Harbor Freight Predator 212cc $99 Coupon

    Hey guys, this is my first post ever on this website, but I have been reading the forums for awhile and I thought that I would contribute to the people here. :smile: This coupon is for the 212cc Predator from Harbor Freight and it expires on 5/27/12. It brings the price down to $99 and can be...
  16. C

    Predator 212cc head gasket question

    I have searched quite a bit and have gotten some conflicting information. Does anyone know if the GX200 head gasket will work on a Predator 212cc HF motor? If it is simply making the holes for dowel pins larger then to me that will work. Any help is appreciatted.
  17. Big Boy

    Rejetting 212cc predator

    I cant seem to locate what I'm looking for. So, i'm looking for a little help. I put a uni filter on and a straight header. Now, I need to rejet the carb. My question is..is there a guide/video on how to do this? This is my first small engine Ive worked on so I'm still new to everything...
  18. metalhead100

    Predater 212cc Fuel economy ?......

    Per title....is this a thirsty engine?..... I am looking for a good tank size .....for a custom tank..... Should we go 1 gallon.... 1 1/2 ect?.... I wanna be able to ride ....not pit and re-fuel.....I have plenty of area to cover.....8o) Any ideas from owners/users of this...
  19. godfather75

    wtb 212cc predator gas tank

    I am looking for a 212cc predator gas tank. If you have one for sale pm me price. Thanks.
  20. R

    HF 212cc Predator - $99.99 This Weekend

    A quick note for all of you clone enthusiasts..... I just got an email from Harbor Freight showing that 212 cc Predator engines will be on sale for $99.99 at this weekend's Parking Lot Sale (March 9, 10, 11)