1. P

    Baja project

    I picked this up for $50 a few weeks ago and decided that since it needed a new back tire that I would just go on ahead and redo it all . Waiting to get the frame and fenders back from paint but heres a few updates from start to finish . In hopes of having it back next week to get it back...
  2. C

    Chain problem on Baja Warrior

    The chain on my warrior is rubbing against the nut that holds on the tensioner arm (or whatever it's called). You can see the nut in the middle of the pic. It's almost like the chain is too long, but I counted the links and counted the links on an internet picture, and it seems the same...
  3. pomfish

    Baja MB165 Plastic Clutch cover needed

    Need used one cheap for Baja Heat MB165, NOT the MB200. Plastic, not metal. If you upgraded to a TAV or have a parts bike , LMK Thanks! Keith
  4. M

    Baja racetrac/ honda 5.5hp

  5. P

    MB200 Baja rear axle size

    Id like to replace the rear axle with a higher quality bolt , someone has rethreaded the end of my axle 9/16 on one end and metric on the other . Looking for the axle diameter , I know its roughly 13.5" long . Thanks PH
  6. S

    Baja Heat shock oil change

    Hey guys title says it all. My socks are becoming a little weak and iv been told changing the oil makes a world of difference. What oil should i use and how is it done?? Thanks!!
  7. R

    Baja Doodlebug ID.

    So I bought a Baja doodlebug from CL for my son the other day. I wanted to get some replacement parts that are a little messed up like the throttle cable and the throttle return spring. It looks like it's stock but it runs great with my boy on it. He can even climb hills with it. Anyway, I...
  8. george3

    Baja MB200 front axle needed.

    Who has a Baja MB200 front axle? I need one
  9. M

    Modified Baja Warrior 200 South Chicagoland

    I have a Baja Warrior 200 that is in very good condition for sale. The bike needs nothing and has a lot of mods on it. It has a torque converter(with a brand new spare belt), K&N style filter with rejetted carb and a Hot Rod Mini Bikes header. I put some real Harley pegs on it too which makes it...
  10. george3

    Baja MB165

    Wanted Parts for Baja MB165
  11. george3

    Baja MB165

    Anyone Have parts for this big Baja?
  12. Project


  13. B

    2 baja heat motor parts

    both engines are seized up. My boy wants to part these both out to help fund torque converters. everything off the engines including gas tanks lighting coil and flywheels minus both recoil starters. All reasonable offers accepted
  14. Old scoot

    Baja doodlebug front wheel

    Need a front wheel for a Baja Viper. I have restored/rebuilt three or four of these and as far as I can see the Doodlebug and Viper are one and the same. I find this hard to believe, but I have used calipers to measure my wheel and I feel the hub was welded in crooked with the rims. The wheel...
  15. machinebike

    Baja Heat biggest tire size?

    Does anyone know the biggest tire size that will work on the rims and frame of a Baja Heat/warrior minibike?
  16. Acolytus

    1969 Manco Delta One Chopper almost ready to ride!

    Well I got some good news today! I finally found a motor that will fit on my chopper (even though it's newer) and it runs great! The engine is from a Baja Warrior (196cc) and pushing 6.5 HP I believe. I put a Predator 212cc recoil start on it and started it up! I need to get the right air filter...
  17. J

    thought id share. WWII US army themed Baja Warrior project

    I still have to to do some stencils, and im probably going to add an ammo box directly behind the seat over the fender, and i have an aluminum canteen i am going to make a small satchel attached to the bike to hold as a reserve fuel tank. the tank was acid dipped and took forever to seal back...
  18. D

    What mods are required to run with out gov on Chinese ohv

    I have a Baja warrior, I want to remove the Gov and install a Comet TAV, level 2 hop up, Billet rod and flywheel, and chrome moly push rods. What else should I replace? The hop up has 22lb valve springs, bored and jetted carb, billet flywheel, head gasket, and a race air filter and adaptor. The...
  19. L

    wheel for my Baja

    Help I am wanting to torn my Baja Warror into a Bobber- Chopper. For the likes of me I cannot find a 14'' Wheel and a 4'' wide street tire. Please Help .
  20. A

    baja warrior

    ISO Anybody got a rear wheel laying around for a Baja warrior ? I could use a wheel and tire if anybody has them . I also need two chain guards if anybody has them . The chain guard that attaches to the motor is what I need . Thanks Dalva