1. C

    fast idle baja and predator 212 cc

    This is what I did to solve my fast idle problem on the MB200 baja which has the same exact linkage as the predator 212 cc engine. I was able to use the plastic screw to adjust the idle,I did not take the governor out on mine.
  2. B

    Question about Baja warrior

    Hey guys I just bought a Baja warrior rolling frame and I'm about to purchase a 212 predator for it. I saw with research on the site that this comes with a 196 motor and it has a torque converter. My question is do I need a torque converter for the setup? I'm just trying to build this as cheap...
  3. S

    new to mini bikes- clutch issue on Baja Doodle Bug

    Hello, I just picked up a baja doodle buy on craigslist. Bike looks to be in great condition except the previous owner's daughter ran into the garage and bent the forks all up. I took front end apart and bent everything back to shape. Got the bike started up on the second pull but noticed...
  4. I

    Question? Carb replacement on Baja Warrior/MB200/Heat

    Hi - Been following/reading along for a bit, but this is my first post. Bought my daughter a Black Warrior that appears to have never been ridden. Takes some work to start, but does eventually and will idle. Dies when you give it gas. I changed oil, cleaned filter, tightened chain, lubricated...
  5. W

    predator or stock engine build, baja warrior

    I know this question has been asked a lot but I have a baja warrior. The original motor was blown when I got it so harbor freight had a deal on the predator engine. I only put only an hour on it and now winter has come I wanna fix it up. The motors are similar so the original motor broke the...
  6. R

    Baja MB200 Rear Rack

    Made this to go to events at Mid Ohio race track. Carries a small cooler and lawn chair. Assembly is self explanatory. Harbor Freight 90 flux core welder Basic hand tools Flat steel needed: 2-1/8x1x4 1/2 2-1/8x1x10 1-1/8x1 32(formed to fit) 5/32 welding rod for crossbars 2- conduit clamps 1 inch
  7. D. Sebetka

    OldMiniBikes Baja Doodlebug project

    I am building a Baja doodlebug project and wanted to know if anyone has front forks for this minibike? I need one set of forks if anyone has a spare.
  8. machinebike

    Baja Warrior Mini Bike How to get Governor to work

    I was repairing my mother's Baja Warrior Mini Bike, took off the gas tank, throttle cable and carb, but when I went to re connect everything, for some strange reason, the governor arm that goes in engine , is causing the throttle to be almost wide open when I re connect the governor spring...
  9. Baja Motovox

    Baja Motovox

    Baja Motovox
  10. Baja Motovox

    Baja Motovox

    Baja Motovox
  11. T

    Hot rod Baja build

    New to forum need help figuring out how to post my pics.
  12. T

    Hot rod Baja build

    New guy to forum
  13. Belbuekus

    My Baja MB build.

    Picked this up off CL a few weeks ago and just found some time to tear into it. So far I've got the wheels stripped and painted, and the frame chemically stripped and waiting to be sanded. I hate using stripper but sandblasting down here is so bloody expensive. $100 - $150 for a mini...
  14. K

    Baja mb200 with a predator engine on it

    A buddy of mine has a Baja MB200 that he put a predator 212 on it. It runs great until you get to top speed which is about 25 mph. Once it hits max speed it seems like a rev limiter kicks in. So it kinda hits the limiter and slows down a bit then revs back up again and then slows down. I...
  15. Baja Doodle Bug Custom Candy Paint Model Photo Shoot

    Baja Doodle Bug Custom Candy Paint Model Photo Shoot

    My first mini bike build, a $60 yard sale impulse purchase turned slightly obsessive project. Ending in a photo shoot at the Hippie Killer Car Show in Southern California. All a bit strange for an English bloke.
  16. Baja Doodle Bug Modified Predator 212cc going in

    Baja Doodle Bug Modified Predator 212cc going in

    About 10 horses now I think, need to fabricate a clutch and chain guard
  17. Baja Doodle Bug Time to Re-assemble

    Baja Doodle Bug Time to Re-assemble

    Almost done, needs hydraulic brakes as I don't always have a football pitch of braking distance available to me, and I forgot to but new grips so I re-installed the beaten up and broken old ones for now.
  18. Baja Doodle Bug Candy Flake Custom Paint in Progress

    Baja Doodle Bug Candy Flake Custom Paint in Progress

    Candy flake paint with fine line tape to be removed and gold flake to be faded in for detail.
  19. Baja Doodle Bug Beer and Rugby

    Baja Doodle Bug Beer and Rugby

    Build finished for now, time to relax with a patriotic beer and International Rugby, if you can call shouting at the television relaxing.
  20. Doodle Bug Custom Paint and build photos 10

    Doodle Bug Custom Paint and build photos 10

    I wanted a 70's retro bling sort of look. Base coat black, taped off for gold flake, and then faded in candy apple red flake. Then sanded back lightly to give a vintage look, and first of many coats of clear. This is my first mini bike build and my first paint job. It was a lot of work but fun.