1. Sixpac440

    Tec H50 with Oval Bore Mikuni problem ... pics and Videos ...

    I have a NOS Tecumseh H50 motorsports engine and I put a Mikuni 22mm oval bore on it. It gets to 6500 rpm and stutters .. if the throttle is cracked wide open it bogs down. I have played with the stock jet by drilling it open and adjusting the clip on the pin. I have tried it with and...
  2. Sixpac440

    What is this hole for in my Mikuni 22mm Oval Bore?

    Its the small hole at the bottom ... Float bow vent?
  3. DeadPixel

    Predator head gasket on my big bore clone?

    Dose the Predator head gasket fit the clone block? I have a Ducar block bored to 2.765" for using a predator piston. Was thinking and thought it would be better to use the Predator gasket if it fits.
  4. Dr. Shop Teacher

    NEW Max Torque 2 speed Clutch 3/4" Bore

    Brand new, never used, 12t. $65 shipped.
  5. B

    Piston and bore

    I have a wiseco piston P214 (2.795) from an old build and I'm wanting to reuse it in a new build. Can I order a block from NR racing with a piston bore 2.756 or do I need to send my block after to have it bored? And if my memory is correct I need ring set 2.776? Sorry for sounding like I have no...
  6. B

    Wtb 1" bore clutch

    Looking for a good 1" bore 35 pitch clutch. Thanks.
  7. K

    Vent in gx200 3" big bore

    Hey folks , Just want to know how Many and where you put your vent on the engine to take off some pressure I get my pressure for the pump in the crankcase ( front) and i only have a vent to take pressure off in the valve cover. Is it enough?? Did you think if i have to much presssure in the...
  8. K

    Gx200 3" big bore need Help ASAP

    Got a gx200 3" big bore with head gasket problems blowing! The head and the deck are Perfect , i tried Copper gasket and i tried material with fire ring gasket and it blow . I used Copper sure Seal spray with gasket . Every Time it blow .. What u Guys use ? 3- what are the best timing...
  9. UnorthodoxCreat

    Comet 30 Series Driver - 1" Bore

    Looking for a Comet 30 Series Driver with 1" Bore. Can be new or lightly used, Comet or off brand. Need shipped to Hanover, PA 17331.
  10. M

    Wanted original comet series 30 1" bore driver and 6" series 30 3/4" bore driven unit

    Looking for NOS Comet Series 30 1" bore driver for engine PTO shaft that uses the asymmetric drive belt and the matching Comet Series 30 3/4" bore 6" driven variable pitch pulley unit. Must be made 10+ years ago by the original Comet Industries. I realize the newly taken over Comet...
  11. C

    Columbia clutch 5/8" bore size nos

    Columbia clutch 5/8" bore size nos with some shelf wear $40 located in Wilkes barre pa PayPal or in person
  12. S

    clutch bore size

    I have a 5hp flathead briggs and I want to replace the clutch but I'm not sure what bore size I need:confused:.
  13. markus

    Larger bore Tec carb on small frame engines

    I bought a batch of HS40 angled intakes the other day and found this larger bore carb bolted onto one of them. It matched the paint on the intake and its gummed up and gooey in the bowl so it appears they did run it......of course all I got was the intake and carb so it might not have been good...
  14. T

    NIB Briggs raptor III chrome Plated standard bore Piston For sale or trade.

    Briggs Motorsports piston,rings and clips. New in box. Perfect for someone who wants to upgrade over the standard Briggs piston. This is the chrome plated piston so it will be compatible with a aluminum bore engine. I would trade for a new unchromed raptor III piston or maybe something else...
  15. W

    Wanted 3" bore Gx200 or 212 Predator

    I'm looking for a block already braced, welded, sleeved with a 3" bore. Can be a GX 200 Block or a 212 Predator Block.
  16. Docdc

    Comet TC-88 Driver 3/4" Bore Wanted

    I need a TC-88 complete driver in pretty good shape. Any help would be appreciated. Doc
  17. 125ccCrazy

    Dual bearing/steel bore Briggs 5hp built up

    Fresh build...dual bearing steel bore block, new bearings, ARC rod, 300 lift cam, cut spring pockets, new hd springs with locks and retainers, ARC flywheel, new valves, new piston/rings, screw in header adapter, new coil with 8mm wire, painted with two part urethane automotive white paint...
  18. derekbmn

    WTB: Vintage 14 or 15 Tooth Clutch #35 Pitch 3/4" Bore

    As the title says.....looking for a vintage (early 60's would be perfect) #35 pitch 3/4" bore 14 or 15 tooth clutch. NOS preferable. Something along the lines of a Mercury or Fairbanks Morse would be GREAT !!! May be difficult since the majority seemed to be 12 tooth back then.:out...
  19. JohnnyTillotson

    HS40 or HS50?

    Got this here HS motor with a lighting coil. I want to reuse the coil on one of my other HS engine's as this one is siezed but there was no ID tage. The bore is 2 5/8 wide And here are some pics.